5 Reasons You Go Limp During Sex (& How To Fix It)

Video Summary

Here are the 5 biggest reasons you go limp during sex and how to fix it easily.


Optimal hormonal balance plays the biggest role in sexual performance and your ability to get and maintain an erection.
SUGGESTION: Please check out the important links and videos, for more details about how to fix your hormones, naturally.

Negative Thoughts

Negative thoughts cause anxiety and the release of stress hormones, which will vasoconstrict and reduce blood flow.
SUGGESTION: Control negative thoughts and focus on the positive and not your insecurities. This takes practice.


Lots of drugs can cause erection problems: alcohol, SSRI & anti-depressants, anti-androgens, blood pressure drugs, uppers, and downers.

Getting Bored

Boredom can kill the excitement of anything.
SUGGESTION: Get creative, because we need variety and boredom will cause performance problems.

Dopamine Burnout

Dopamine is known as a pleasure chemical. These days, many people have just burned out dopamine production and receptor sensitivity.
SUGGESTION: Improve your dopamine levels by reducing social media and screen time, especially masturbation and porn for at least a week.

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