5 Top Surprising Causes Of Low Testosterone

Video Summary

So, here we are again – about the king of all hormonestestosterone.

I’ve done lots of videos about how to increase testosterone, but not that many about what causes a drop in testosterone and that’s what I’ll be revealing today – the top 5 surprising causes of low testosterone and how you can quickly and naturally help fix and reverse this health problem.

These are in no particular order, but:

  • The first one is something that most people never think about, especially doctors
  • The second is probably the biggest underlying cause
  • The third is something that many guys are making things worse and accelerating the problem
  • The fourth is one of the newest discovered and something that almost all of us are dealing with, especially as we get older
  • And the fifth one is something that I personally struggle with and have been dealing with most of my life and it’s one that most people give very little priority to and keep screwing up every single day.

Watch the video now and discover top 5 surprising causes of low testosterone.

What you do NOT do is just as important as what you DO.

You can exercise and take supplements to increase testosterone if you then screw it up by taking:

  • Drugs and substances that lower testosterone
  • You live an unhealthy lifestyle causing hormonal imbalances, accelerated aging, and inflammation
  • And you don’t prioritize sleep

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