❓Are My Small Testicles Bad For My Health & How Can I Grow Them? (2024)

I get a lot of messages from guys asking about the size of their testicles and how it affects their health.

For example:

“Hey doc, I think my testicles are small. Or, maybe they’ve shrunk over the years. My libido seems to have also decreased at the same time”


“Dr. Robbins, how do small or smaller testicles negatively affect my health? What about having babies?”


“Dr. Sam, when I watch “movies” online, these guys show a lot more semen volume than I produce. Their testicles are also bigger than mine. I’m assuming the two are related, correct?”

I can go on and on about the questions I receive about testicle health. So today I’m going to quickly cover:

  • Testicle size & how to measure it
  • How does testicle size affect testosterone levels
  • Does smaller testicles mean less fertility
  • Testicle size and sleep
  • Testicles size and heart health
  • What causes small or shrinking testicles
  • How to increase testicle size & testosterone at the same time.

Testicle Size & How To Measure It

Testicle size varies from one person to another.

As far as the average size, they’re between about 2 inches in length and around 5 cm. Testicles less than 1.5 inches or 3.5 cm are considered “small”.

testicle size

I guess you can measure them with a tape measure or something similar, but they are typically measured with an ultrasound. Similar to how you measure or see a fetus in a mother’s womb.

Do Small Testicles Mean Less Fertility & Sperm

The testicles have 2 primary jobs:

  1. Produce sperm
  2. Make hormones, specifically testosterone.

Now, let’s first talk about fertility and sperm production.

Even though small testicles can be just as fertile as larger ones, studies have shown that YES, smaller-sized testicles have reduced sperm density and quantity.

testicles size and sperm production

In fact, there are porn actors who take substances that increase their production of sperm and seminal fluid… Now, this is just done for show, the “money shot”

How Does Testicle Size Affect Testosterone Levels

As stated earlier, the other job of the testicles is to produce more testosterone.

Similar to fertility, even though guys with smaller testicles can produce a sufficient amount of testosterone, research has shown that larger testicles do produce more testosterone.

In fact, this is why when you take exogenous testosterone, such as injections or steroids or TRT or HRT, both your sperm volume and fertility go down. At the same time, all testosterone production STOPS by the testicles.

testosterone injections

Taking steroids or testosterone injections, or anything that shuts down your own production, is a powerful contraceptive. Not as good as the birth control pill for women, but about 85-90% effective.

Anyway, when testosterone production by the testes stops due to the exogenous testosterone or steroids, your testicles shrink. Some more than others.

For some people, the testicles turn into tiny raisins and may even go back up into the stomach.

But usually, the use of testosterone will cause at least a 50% reduction in testicle size, even if sperm and testosterone production goes down by like 90% or more.

Testicle Size & Sleep

Poor sleep has also been associated with a decrease in testosterone production, as well as sperm quality, semen count, and testicle size.

In fact, just 1 or 2 nights of low sleep, like 3-4 hours or less, can drop your testosterone production by 50% or more.

Testicle Size & Heart Health

As stated earlier, smaller testicles may produce less testosterone. And low levels of testosterone (“Low-T”) are linked to heart and cardiovascular problems.

What Causes Small or Shrinking Testicles

Simply stated, low testosterone levels are linked to small or shrinking testicles.

The medical term for this is “hypogonadism”.

And what causes lower testosterone levels? A few factors:

  • Aging is a primary one. In your late 20’s, testosterone levels began to decline. After the age of 40, they are much lower in most men.
  • Being overweight and having higher body fat is another reason. Because this increases estrogen levels, which lowers testosterone.
  • Not sleeping well, increases stress hormones such as cortisol, which also lowers testosterone.
  • Eating poorly
  • Not exercising, especially with weights.

Simply stated, aging + an unhealthy modern lifestyle, are the problems. It’s never only ONE thing, other than maybe aging being a definitive cause.

Taking Testosterone Shrinks Testicles

Unfortunately, these days, when you have low testosterone levels on a blood test, people are quick to want to take testosterone replacement therapy.

One big reason for this is that it’s a very lucrative business for doctors.

testosterone replacement therapy

But as stated earlier, taking testosterone exogenously, meaning artificial means, causes your testicles to shrink even more.

Then some doctors will also prescribe HCG – Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This hormone basically acts as LH and tells your testicles to produce testosterone and thus, keeps them from shrinking.

Unfortunately, HCG also tends to increase estrogen levels a lot.

So now the doctor will put you on an aromatase inhibitor, to lower estrogen levels to a normal level.

The bottom line is, you now have to take testosterone, HCG, and an estrogen inhibitor for the rest of your life.

However, what should be done first is to have your own body and testicles, endogenously, meaning from within, produce more testosterone naturally.

Now you’re working WITH your body and not against it. This is the best way to start and the safest, long-term solution.

This means bigger testicles, more testosterone production, and no need to take drugs since it’s all done naturally from within and levels will be kept in a normal, healthy range.

How To Increase Testicle Size

So now we come to the end of today’s topic and that is, how do you increase your testicle size, so you can also produce more testosterone, and improve sperm production, mobility, and health?

You can take HCG, to temporarily jump-start your testicles. This is not a long-term solution. Maybe for a month or two. But for most people, the testicles go back to normal, sub-par production.

Now, I’ve stated how lifestyle is so important and that’s well beyond the scope or space we have in today’s topic.

I do have links to more details about lifestyle improvements to increase testosterone levels.

However, there are a few, proven vitamins and herbs that can cause an increase in testosterone production and testicular growth.

And because it’s done naturally, endogenously, from within, it’s a safe, long-term solution that requires no drugs, no injections and has no drug side effects.

As for vitamins and minerals, Vitamin D3, Zinc, Boron and Selenium are important.

For herbs, Testofen Fenugreek, Tongkat Ali, and Avena Sativa are all great and have a long track record.

Also, for an increase in LH, which can increase both testosterone and testicular size, Tribulus and Fadogia are good.

But keep in mind that none of these herbs work unless you take the EXTRACTS of them, and at the correct, clinically researched dosages.

I use AlphaViril – which contains all these ingredients in clinically proven, correct forms and dosages. Give it a try and see how it works for you and let me know your thoughts and results.

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