Can High Estrogen Make You Gay (Homosexual)?

I got a question from a subscriber:

Doctor, I want to ask, does high-level estrogen stimulates someone into a gay??

No, it doesn’t. However, high levels of PROGESTERONE can cause guys to think “weird” stuff. But being “gay” is a genetic thing and can also be caused by sexual trauma.

But, no – hormones don’t cause you to be gay.

Nobody knows why someone is gay or homosexual. Scientists agree that it’s mainly a genetic thing.

High estrogen can cause you to be more emotional, sad, moody, etc.

In the old days, they would give gay men testosterone shots. But that didn’t change anything other than produce very horny homosexuals.

What you want to do, whether you are straight or gay, hetero or homosexual is to optimize your hormones so you are healthier, in a better mood, have more muscle, less belly fat, and have better sexual performance and thus, more confidence.

Be happy if you are homosexual now than in the past when it was not as acceptable as it is these days.

Enjoy your life, and make health a priority.