❓ Can L-Citrulline Be the SOLUTION for Erectile Dysfunction?

Let’s start with today’s subscriber question:

“Dr. Sam, I wanted to know if l-citrulline works for fixing erection problems or is it just another scammy supplement? And if it does work, what’s the best way to take it – dose, timing, etc.?”

You’re correct in that most supplements do NOT work and are “scammy”.

To answer your question, YES – L-citrulline can work in improving erection strength. I don’t think it will “fix” it, but it can help.

However, I’ll tell you in a minute the ONLY real way to fix erectile problems.

Anyway, today I’ll quickly cover:

  • What l-citrulline is.
  • How it works
  • The correct way to use it – dosing and timing.
  • How to make it work much better, so it’s more effective.
  • And the primary cause of erectile problems, how to REALLY fix it and where and how L-citrulline fits into all of this.

What L-citrulline Is?

L-citrulline is an amino acid that’s normally produced in the body.

So, your goal is to get it from external sources.

Unfortunately, there’s very little of it found in food. However, watermelon has the highest amount of L-citrulline than any other food. Even though, it’s still very little.

Thus, the best way to get it is through a supplement.

How L-citrulline Works?

L-citrulline works by increasing nitric oxide (NO), which is a gas that helps dilate blood vessels and improves blood flow.

This is very important for heart and brain health. It helps improve blood pressure levels.

And, as a side benefit, the increase in nitric oxide also helps improve erections.

Side Note – Heart Attacks & Strokes

By the way, on a side note, having erectile problems is an early warning sign of potential heart problems.

So, as much as you want to help fix this problem to have better sex, it’s even more important to fix erectile problems so you don’t have a heart attack or stroke and DIE!

Side Note – Viagra

Something interesting that you may not know is that Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, works by increasing Nitric Oxide levels. However, it was originally designed for lowering blood pressure.

Again, the SIDE benefit of Viagra that the researchers heard from the users was better erections. And selling it as an erection drug made Pfizer billions of dollars… Much more than selling it as a blood pressure drug.

revatio viagra

By the way, the same drug Sildenafil, is sold for lowering blood pressure under the tradename of “Revatio”. Same drug, but much cheaper than selling it as Viagra.

Anyway… let’s continue with citrulline.

L-citrulline & Arginine

Now, L-citrulline works because your body converts it to another amino acid called, L-arginine – which I’m sure you may have heard about.

It’s the L-arginine that technically increases nitric oxide levels.

So, you may be wondering, “Why even bother taking l-citrulline, when you can just take l-arginine to begin with”?

It’s true, since both are available as supplements. In fact, in the old days that’s what we did – we just took L-arginine since L-citrulline wasn’t available yet.

Well, the research shows that L-citrulline may increase levels of L-arginine in your body more than supplementing with L-arginine itself does. This is because a large percentage of L-arginine is broken down in your gut before reaching your bloodstream.

Thus, taking l arginine isn’t the best method and more so, a big waste of money.

Some people combine both citrulline and arginine together.

Personally, I think just taking citrulline is all you need.


However, there is another supplement you can take with citrulline that’ll make it much more potent and I’ll talk about that one in a minute.

Dose & Timing

As far as the correct dose, it’s anywhere from 500 mg to as much as 5 grams or 5,000 mg.

My suggestion is to start low and build up and see how your body responds.

I think it’s best to take citrulline or any single amino acid on an empty stomach so it doesn’t compete with other amino acids found in protein.

And if you’re using citrulline for better erections, take it about 30 minutes before intercourse. It has about a 60-minute half-life, so that’s enough time to get into your system and stay active during sex.

Primary Cause Of Erectile Problems

One important thing to keep in mind is if you’re not getting the improved erections that you want, with or without a nitric oxide product, it’s because you haven’t addressed the PRIMARY problem or cause or erectile dysfunction and that is hormonal imbalance and more specifically, low testosterone levels.

You see, Nitric Oxide – whether in supplement form or taking a drug like Viagra or Cialis, works dramatically better when your testosterone levels are high.

In fact, in about 40% of users who have sub-optimal testosterone levels, these supplements or drugs do NOT work very well or at all.

Interestingly, higher testosterone levels also increase nitric oxide production naturally from within.

The best and fastest ways to increase your testosterone, naturally is a solution I’ve been using myself for over 20+ years.

It’s an all-in-one supplement called, AlphaViril.

Make It Better & More Effective

Remember earlier I said there’s a way to make citriline work better?…. Actually, there are two ways.

The first is to use L-citrulline with Pine Bark Extract (97%). This is because Pine Bark Extract helps promote endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS).

This is the enzyme required to make nitric oxide. It interacts with Citrulline to sustain nitric oxide levels sufficient for long-term sexual function, performance and duration.

Most people don’t know this and it’s really important because as we age, the body produces less of eNOS enzyme and thus, why Nitric Oxide enhancing products such as Citrulline or even drugs like Viagra or Cialis don’t work as well.

In fact, this is why the supplement AlphaViril is so effective. Not only does it have multiple testosterone boosters in it, but AlphaViril also has Nitric Oxide producers such as L-Citrulline and Pine Bark Extract.

Yes, it costs a little more, but this is exactly why it works so well and has a 22+ year proven track record.


I know today’s topic was very detailed and had many important points. So, let me quickly summarize it for you and then you can also rewatch it again later.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that works by increasing Nitric Oxide levels.

Nitric Oxide improves blood flow and it’s very important for your brain, heart and yes – your penis for better erections.

L-CItrulline or any ingredient that works by increasing Nitric Oxide levels – such as arginine, Viagra or Cialis – should be taken with an endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) enhancer, such as 97% Pine Bark Extract.

The dose of Citrulline should be as little as 500 mg to as high as 5000 mg.

I suggest taking it on an empty stomach, away from other amino acids found in protein.

More importantly, it’s best to FIRST focus on the real cause of erectile problems and that’s hormonal imbalances and having low total and free testosterone levels.

I suggest you take AlphaViril because it has numerous testosterone-boosting ingredients, plus 2 ingredients that help increase nitric oxide and that’s Citrulline and Pine Bark Extract.

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