Do Penis Pumps Work For Increasing Penis Size? (2024 update)

Penis pumps were originally invented to increase blood flow and circulation to the penis.

There are two things that can cause an erection, other than your brain, and that’s hormones and blood flow.

Hormones matter the most – having optimal levels of total and free testosterone, and low estrogen and cortisol levels.

As we get old,  blood flow decreases naturally – that’s why a healthy lifestyle is important – proper diet, exercise and not being overweight.

Cialis and Viagra are vasodilators, they dilate blood vessels and increase nitric oxide levels – which increases blood flow – that’s how they work for erectile dysfunction.

So the most important things for increasing penis size and having better and harder erections are to improve blood flow and optimize your hormone levels.

By using penis pumps you will increase blood flow to the penis – which can help get and maintain better erections – and even after some time of “exercising” increase size.

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