Do Taller Guys Have Higher Testosterone?

Do taller guys have higher testosterone levels?

There are various different research studies that will just confuse you and are misleading because none of them did a comparison using a full hormone panel.

3 Basic Facts About Getting Taller
  1. Genetics always controls how tall you’ll be. However, being malnourished, not having enough calories, proteins, healthy fats – including saturated fats which contain cholesterol and thus, hormone production, will cause you to NOT reach your maximum genetic height potential.
  2. Testosterone is not the problem when it comes to height, but instead, it’s what testosterone can convert to in men and that’s various estrogens. Estrogen fuses the bones.
  3. You want to increase Growth Hormone and IGF levels. The best way to do this is to get as much sleep as possible.

Optimizing testosterone levels at any age, especially as we get older, is good for your health, muscles, brain, and yes – getting taller.

However, excess and high estrogen is bad… Because it indirectly lowers testosterone and it fuses your bones prematurely and thus, doesn’t allow you to reach your maximum genetic height potential.

Testosterone is your friend, especially when it’s optimized naturally from within – But NOT when taken exogenously, such as testosterone injections.

Let’s Keep It Simple

If you want to be more manly… Thus, taller, bigger, stronger, more muscular, lean abs, more energy, higher sex drive, and bigger, harder, fuller erections – then maximize your testosterone levels and optimize your hormones.

This also means lowering excess or high estrogen – especially if you’re goal is to get taller and you’re still going through puberty.

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