Does Circumcision Decrease Pleasure or Change Sensitivity?

Video Summary

Today I’m going to talk about circumcision and if it decreases pleasure or changes sensitivity.

Scientific Studies Results

One large study concluded that “The highest-quality studies suggest that medical male circumcision has no adverse effect on sexual function, sensitivity, sexual sensation, or satisfaction.

Okay, based on this – no difference.

Yet, another study concluded, “There was a decrease in masturbatory pleasure and sexual enjoyment after circumcision, indicating that adult circumcision adversely affects sexual function in many men, possibly because of complications of the surgery and a loss of nerve endings.”

Hmm… based on this study, there IS a decrease in pleasure and sensitivity.

As I said, there’s a lot of confusing information out there, each can be contradictory to the other.

So, let’s dig deeper…

In a 2007 study, found that the glans of the uncircumcised penis were more sensitive to light touch than the glans of a circumcised penis.

Which if you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Let’s simplify the things

IF you’ve already gotten circumcised, then who cares. The job is done.

IF you are thinking about getting circumcised as an adult, well… that’s up to you.

But in the big picture, most of the sensation and nerves are on the HEAD of the penis and not as much on the little bit of skin that’s cut off.

All that really matters is that you have a healthy penis function and prostate.

If you’re able to get and maintain a hard erection all the time, GREAT. You’re doing well. You’ve got healthy blood flow and optimal hormones.

Improve Your Hormones

BUT, if your libido isn’t where you want it to be … IF you do have some erectile problems… If you DO want a harder and fuller erection… Then you MUST optimize your hormones for better performance AND health.

When doing so, you’ll also improve sensitivity and have more intense orgasms.

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