Doing THIS Increases Testosterone By 72% (& it’s very fun to do!!!)

Video Summary

A 2011 study, showed that men who watched erotic material – whether that’s porn or went to a strip club or something similar – saw an increase in testosterone by 11%

However, the men who then had sex afterward saw a 72% increase in testosterone levels. Thus, an increase of over 60% in testosterone levels because you did the physical activity.

So, when it comes to boosting your testosterone levels, having sexual thoughts is good.

But the physical act of sex is much better. And of course, it’s a lot more fun and fulfilling as well.

Now, keep in mind that these are very short-term spurts in elevated testosterone levels.

What your goal SHOULD be is a long-term increase in testosterone throughout the entire day.

And of course, it should be done naturally from within. Not by taking exogenous testosterone shots or creams. You want your testicles to produce more of this super powerful testosterone.

This way you feel good, look better, and perform like a rock star in the bedroom.

And this can easily be done with simple lifestyle changes. I’ve prepared, all the easiest, best, and fastest ways to naturally optimize your testosterone and youthful hormones.

Take action and fix this part of your life.

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