Don’t Even Try To Increase Your Testosterone Levels Unless You Do This ONE Thing!

If you’re thinking about increasing your testosterone levels so you can look and feel younger, make sure you pay attention today because most people are doing it incorrectly and are having the opposite, negative effects.

I think most people, especially guys know what testosterone is. Simply stated, for men, testosterone is the KING of all hormones. It’s what turns boys into men and what keeps a man young, strong, and “driven”.

Testosterone has many benefits. It helps:

  1. Build muscle and strength, including your heart muscle and stronger bones
  2. Decrease body fat, especially the unhealthy belly fat and “love handles”
  3. Improves your mood and mental wellbeing
  4. Decreases your risk for heart and blood sugar regulation problems
  5. Improves cognition and memory
  6. And YES, it increases your libido, and sex drive and improves erections.

However, as we age our testosterone levels begin to drop, starting in your mid 20’s2

These days, due to the pollutants in our foods, water, and environment, radiation from electronic devices, and the extra stress of modern society, men have much lower testosterone than they did 50 or even 25 years ago.2

By age 40, most men are producing on average about 20% less testosterone and it gets much worse in your 50’s and 60’s1,2

So if you’re not feeling and looking the way you want to, it may not be your fault – it could be low testosterone.

Do You Have “Andropause”?

And the media, doctors, and the world have finally acknowledged this “problem” and have, in fact, labeled it as “andropause” … similar to “aging” women and menopause.

So, these days many guys have heard of the term “Low T”, which stands for low testosterone.

And because of this, lots of guys are wanting to improve their testosterone levels, which is a good thing, IF you know what you’re doing.

Unfortunately, most people — including doctors, do NOT know what they’re doing.

For example, I’ve got guys coming to me all the time asking about taking testosterone injections, pills, and similar “steroid” drugs for “Hormone Replacement Therapy” (HRT)

So I tell them, what I’m going to share with you today… If you don’t know what you’re doing — and most people don’t, including doctors…

The Problem With Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Then all the “benefits” of testosterone that I mentioned earlier, can actually turn into the opposite — many NEGATIVES such as

  1. More body fat, especially belly
  2. Moodiness, anger, and/or depression.
  3. Increase rate of cancer, both prostate, and breast (YES, guys get breast cancer too!)
  4. Higher levels of insulin, cholesterol, less blood flow, cardiac problems, etc.
  5. And over time, it can even cause impotence.

And that’s why I’m sharing this very important topic with you today I want you to learn from other people’s mistakes.

Why Should You Even Listen To Me?

Now, before I get into the “why” and the “solutions” to prevent these negative side effects, I want you to know that this is my area of expertise for over 20+ years.

I’m an anti-aging, endocrinology doctor — which is the “study of hormones”. I’ve always been interested in how the mind and body work.

I’ve especially been fascinated with hormones because the way you look and feel is based on your genetics and more importantly, your HORMONES!


Change your hormones and related “modulators” and enzymes, and I can most definitely change the way you look, feel, act and even think!

So with that said, how can the “king of all hormones” and all of its benefits, ALSO be so negative?

The REAL Cause Of Low Testosterone

The problem stems from the “cause” of your declining testosterone as you age. I’m going to keep it really simple and reduce the boring medical jargon.


So here’s how your body works… As you get older, due to genetics, environmental factors, diet, bodyfat, stress levels, etc. … your estrogen levels INCREASE.

As estrogen and other female hormones (progesterone, prolactin, etc.) increase, your testosterone DECREASES.

Free Testosterone

This change in your estrogen levels also increases “Sex hormone-binding Globulin” (SHBG), which further DECREASES your to total testosterone and more importantly, your “free testosterone”.

You’re “free” testosterone is the good stuff that does most of the work. Think of “total” testosterone as your “gross income”, and “free” testosterone as your NET income… The money you get to keep and spend AFTER expenses, taxes, etc.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

Also, as you get older, most men convert more testosterone to a hormone called “Dihydrotestosterone”, also known as DHT

This is the hormone that causes hair loss, body hair growth in all the wrong places and also, and prostate problems

Cortisol (Stress)

Finally, with the extra stress in our modern lives, you have higher levels of adrenal stress hormones, such as Cortisol.

Most people make the mistake and think that the opposite of testosterone is the female hormone estrogen, but it’s NOT — It’s the stress hormone Cortisol!

As this stress hormone goes up, your testosterone decreases even further! So what the heck does all of this mean for you?!!…

So What Does All Of This Mean For You?

IF you take testosterone hormones (injections, pills, etc.), especially after the age of 30 and certainly 40 and beyond, your testosterone will initially go up ….

But then it’ll come back down because the testosterone will convert to MORE estrogen… which means more fat, depression, potential breast problems and impotence for you.

… AND, the testosterone will also convert to more DHT, which means more body hair, accelerated hair loss and increased risk of prostate problems.

So now you have higher “negative” hormones of estrogens and DHT. LESS “positive” total and “free” testosterone levels.

And guess what, the lower your testosterone, the HIGHER your stress hormone, cortisol!

You’re Now “Screwed”!

Simply stated, you’re now screwed because of having

  1. More estrogen (fat, depression, man-boobs)
  2. More DHT (hair problems, prostate problems)
  3. More Cortisol (stress, belly fat)
  4. LESS total and “free” testosterone levels (less muscle, strength, sex drive)

To make things even worse, your testicles and other “muscles” will shrink! Now you’re really screwed! …. So, what does all of this mean?

You and/or your doctor have to understand all of the different hormonal pathways, enzymatic conversions and potential side effects. This requires monthly blood work and typically, the use of various medications to help prevent the negatives.

This is a LOT of work and money…. And most doctors don’t know or care to know about all of these details.

Forget The Drugs, Here’s How To Do It Naturally

My suggestion is that BEFORE you start taking “exogenous” (external) testosterone (injections, pills, creams, etc.), try to increase your testosterone levels NATURALLY, from within!

The benefit is you won’t have the negative side effects… or the increased risk for health problems.

You also won’t be dealing with the emotional and physical roller coaster. Plus you get to KEEP all the benefits because it’s natural, not artificially induced.

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