Everything You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction – Causes & Solutions

Today’s short article is going to about ED – also known as “erectile dysfunction” I’m going to cut through all the BS, misinformation and confusion about this topic.

everything about erectile dyfunction

Guys are VERY sensitive about this subject… and it also leaves a negative feeling with your sexual partner. So I’m going to give you complete clarity about it — cause, effect and solution.

So if your sex drive or libido is low or isn’t where you’d like it to be… If you have difficulty getting and/or keeping an erection… If your “drive” for sex or just “life” in general, is less and isn’t what it used to be…

Keep reading this article because you’re not alone! Let’s Get Honest…

First, forget what your buddies tell you – they’re lying to you!… I’m a doctor and I deal with this topic all the time.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

WAY more guys have ED problems than they’ll admit. It may be the “norm” these days, but it’s definitely NOT normal. This is because we live in a society with a LOT of stress and horrible nutrients.

All of these “society” and “environmental” problems are causing guys to have impotence and low sex drive as early as in their mid 20’s And the reason for this is very simple — a HORMONAL IMBALANCE!


Aging, stress, no nutrients in the foods, drugs, radiation from our daily life-style (phone, computer, etc.) are all causing a major DECREASE in your primary “pro-sexual” hormone called, TESTOSTERONE! That’s the FIRST problem…

The second problem is you’re also dealing with an INCREASE in your “anti-sexual” hormones, such as female hormones (estrogens, progesterone and prolactin), as well as your stress hormone, cortisol.

So basically, you’re becoming “chemically” castrated… not good! This is why statistics also show that it’s a lot more difficult to get pregnant these days, than 25 or 50 years ago.


Low testosterone = low sperm volume, mobility, etc.

So the PRIMARY problem is an imbalance in your hormones….

There is also a SECONDARY problem and it has to do more with your mind and psychology. This is more true for “younger” guys (less than 25), while hormones is more true for “older” guys (over 30+).

Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re feeling insecure – your penis isn’t going to be working as well. Maybe you’re worried about your performance, about the size of your penis, about your partner’s “sexual past”… etc., etc., etc.ed-effects

These “negative thoughts” cause a NEGATIVE change in your hormones and brain neurotransmitters (dopamine, serotonin, epinephrine, adrenalin, etc.) … so once again, whether it’s mental or physical, it’s almost always HORMONAL!!!

ED Drugs (Viagra, Cialis, etc.)

By the way, this is why ED drugs such as Viagra and Cialis don’t work in 30% of the users, because their testosterone is just too low. In fact, when you improve your “pro-sexual” hormones, these drugs work better and at a lower dosage.

Of course, you’ll probably NOT need them at all – but my point is that HORMONES control everything. … so, where does that leave you?

Testosterone Injections = Small Testicles

Forget about taking testosterone (injections, creams, etc.) or similar hormones. They work initially, but then your body figures this out and then shuts down your testicles.

In the process your testicles shrink, you’ll now make ZERO testosterone of our own nature and over time the “testosterone injects” stop working. Now you have to increase the dosage and use them for the rest of your life — not a good long-term solution.

You need to fix this from WITHIN, naturally. It’s the ONLY safe, long-term solution.

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