How To Have A Deeper Voice, Permanently & Naturally

I never thought I’d do an article about having a “deeper voice.” It’s always been about HEALTH – physical and emotional.

However, to my surprise, I’ve gotten hundreds of guys giving me compliments on my voice (thanks!) and asking about how they can have a deeper voice and whether it is possible.

YES, it’s possible and YES, I’ve had many guys (and women) do it and YES, you’ll discover how today.

So today I’ll quickly discuss

  • Genetics
  • Hormones
  • Voice Deepening Techniques that you can implement right away for immediate results.

Now, having a deeper voice will help you make more money, get more respect with other people, attract more women and you’ll feel a lot more confident.


$1 Million Dollars in 3 Seconds

Some people will ask “how can it make me more money?”. A deeper voice, just like being taller, gives you MORE respect. Taller people earn more money, as do people with deeper voices.1

You’ve probably heard the voice of James Earl Jones – he’s the voice over for Darth Vader in Star Wars.

What’s interesting is that he got paid $1 million dollars for 3 seconds of work to simply say, “This Is CNN” … And this was way back in the 1980’s when a $1MM was a LOT more money.

The point is that nobody wants to hear a squeaky, pre-pubescent boy voice and thus, why he and so many other voices over people earn so much money – it’s something people WANT to hear.

My Own Voice & Genetics

What’s interesting is that I never liked my voice growing up. It wasn’t as deep as it is now.

However, by doing what I’m teaching you today, my voice has gotten deeper. And the truth is, it all happened by accident – I wasn’t trying to deepen my voice. GRANTED, genetics always plays a big role in all of this.

But the RIGHT HORMONES with help will optimize and deepen your voice, no matter where you are now.

And I never even noticed or was mindful of my deeper voice until I started getting more and more compliments over the years, especially from WOMEN!

This is even truer these days when you interact through email, texts, and so forth. So when you do finally talk to someone on the phone, they quickly create a mental picture of you.


A deeper voice commands more respect.

It’s more “manly.”
It sounds more confident.
It gives more authority.

Bruce Wayne vs Batman

If you ever watch Batman movies, when Bruce Wayne puts on the Bat Suit and Mask, his voice all of a sudden gets deeper. This is done on purpose … to make Batman sound “stronger.”


I mention this because the actor does this manually, which I’ll tell you how in a minute.

Granted, in recent movies, I think it was magnified digitally and it sounded fake.

But the point is that you too can pretend to put on your “Batman Voice” by using simple, “voice deepening” techniques you can implement the right way, for instant results.

Instantly Deeper Voice In 60 Seconds

So, the first and simple way to make your voice SOUND deeper is to

  • Slow down when speaking
  • Breathe deeply
  • Speak more from your diaphragm and stomach, NOT from your throat
  • Practice chanting
  • FEEL more confident when speaking

When you FEEL something, you’ll ACT it.

Now, you’ll make instant improvements here. However, this isn’t permanent. This requires practice and you being mindful every time you speak.

Permanently Deeper Voice

However, if you want to permanently deepen your voice, naturally and obviously without surgery… you need to thicken and lengthen your vocal cords.

And the primary way this happens is with higher levels of testosterone, the male hormone.

This is why when boys go through puberty, their voices change and it gets deeper.

Interestingly, this is also why women and female bodybuilders who take substances to increase testosterone, get a deeper voice — again, it all comes down to hormones.

The problem for women is that this is a PERMANENT side-effect. Their voice will stay deeper, unless they have painful surgery.

However, this is a benefit for guys – they WANT a deeper voice…

Except, if you’re a singer!


In fact, I have a true story… a few years ago, I had a fairly well-known singer use my natural, Testosterone Boosting herbal product called AlphaViril. He did so to increase his sex drive, build more muscle and lose fat.

He was in his early 40’s at the time.

He told me he got amazing results, except for one problem: his voice got deeper from the higher testosterone levels. So, his music started to sound different.

At the end, he said it was worth the trade-off since he liked the way he looked and felt with the higher testosterone levels from using AlphaViril. But he said he had to get a vocal coach to try and sing a similar sounding level as before.

Now, over the years I’ve had dozens of well-known rappers use AlphaViril for all the same benefits of having higher testosterone levels — however, they also did it because they WANTED the deeper voice because that sounds great in rapping, but not as much when you’re singing.

Also, not good if you’re a woman.


So there you have it. Do the vocal deepening exercises I mentioned earlier. Do them daily, practice and be mindful when speaking. This will give you some immediate benefits.

However, for long-term, permanent deepening of your voice, you’ll need to boost your testosterone levels naturally.

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