How To Have More Orgasms, More Often & Harder Erections [Refractory Period]

Let’s get started with today’s subscriber question:

“Dr. Sam – I’m dating a new girl, things are great. But, I’m having a hard time getting aroused, more often. She wants to have sex more than me and after I have an orgasm, I can’t get hard again or have another orgasm for at least another couple of days. I’m 47 and it obviously wasn’t like this when I was younger. How can I fix this?”

This is a very interesting topic to me and one that I used to deal with when I had a few “porn star” clients many years ago. In fact, that’s when I also learned the secrets to growing your penis, which I’ll make a video about soon.

The time between your orgasms and your ability to get an erection again is called the Refractory Period or Sexual Refractory Period.

Let’s Go Back In Time

Like most guys, when I was younger, in my teenage years and going through puberty, I was always super horny and could have orgasms all the time, whenever, wherever.

Even in my 20s, I could have done it every day and even twice a day if I didn’t have work or wasn’t busy or stressed out.

However, as I got older, it did become more difficult to get erections and especially have orgasms as often. Every day, let alone even twice a day.

It would slowly turn into every other day or maybe 2-3x weekly.

Sure, I was busier, and had more responsibilities and stresses in life – but still, something had changed and I wasn’t happy about it. I felt older.

Of course, like every challenge or problem in my life, I seek out the solution.

What Is The Cause Of Longer Sexual Refractory Period?

Of course, there’s never ONE cause for any ONE problem, especially in the human body where things are super complicated.

But lots of evidence points to Dopamine.


Thus, higher levels of dopamine REDUCE the refractory period. This means as dopamine levels go up, it’s easier to get aroused and orgasm sooner and more often.

What’s interesting is that dopamine also helps regulate prolactin secretion. This means that as dopamine levels go up, Prolactin levels come down or are lower.

And higher prolactin increases refractory periods. In fact, after you have an orgasm, Prolactin levels go up and hence, the refractory period.

Let’s pause for a second and make it simple – we want higher dopamine and lower prolactin.

As we age, prolactin levels can go higher and hence, longer refractory periods, and thus, it takes you longer to get aroused, hard, and have an orgasm.

Here’s Something Super Interesting

Having intercourse and thus, SEX with a partner – increases prolactin levels by 400% MORE than if you masturbate by yourself.

This means, that having an orgasm with a sexual partner, more specifically in the study – it was penile-vaginal intercourse, can dramatically increase your prolactin levels and thus, your refractory period – than if you just masturbated by yourself.


So, circling back… If you want to decrease refractory periods, so you can get aroused sooner and have another orgasm faster, then the goal is to improve your dopamine levels, which will then also lower Prolactin.

Of course, I’m oversimplifying the process – but, let’s stick to the basics, so you can get results right away.

Now, I’ve experimented with lots of dopamine types of substances over the years, as well as prolactin inhibitors. Supplements, as well as drugs.

So, I can promise you that when you do this correctly, it works for sure. It doesn’t matter if you make porn movies or if you’re a regular guy that wants to satisfy his wife more often.

The problem is that these days, due to modern life and mainly the internet, we are getting massive hits of dopamine all day long and this decreases dopamine levels and dopamine receptor sensitivity.

So we need more and more, to get the same positive dopamine benefits.

So, What Are The Solutions And Options?

I’m not going to talk about dopaminergic drugs or prolactin inhibitors because they have lots of side effects when used incorrectly. Besides, 98% of you can’t get your hands on such drugs – so, why talk about them?

Instead, let’s discuss what you CAN do, that’s natural, legal, and safe.

One of the best ways for increasing dopamine is to increase your testosterone levels. The best part is you get all the benefits of BOTH testosterone AND dopamine. In fact, both work with each other. What’s interesting is an increase in dopamine, increases testosterone, and vice/versa!


This is also why you’re more driven when you’re younger – emotionally, physically and of course, sexually. Testosterone is higher when you’re younger a starts to drop in your late 20s.

There’s also an herb called Mucuna Pruriens Extract. It contains a compound called L-DOPA, which is a direct precursor to Dopamine and also helps promote healthy levels of Prolactin.

Also, Vitamin B6 helps minimize prolactin levels.

Both of these two ingredients, as well as half a dozen testosterone-boosting herbal extracts, are in AlphaViril – that’s why the product has had scientifically proven results for over 20+ years.

I formulated it for myself originally because of these exact problems I started to have in my 30’s

So, there you have it – improving dopamine levels, which will lower Prolactin levels. Taking Mucuna Pruriens Extract and Vitamin B6 will help with both of these.

And most importantly, increase your testosterone and improve your hormones … which will further improve dopamine levels and thus, bigger, harder, fuller erections more often.

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