💪 How To Maintain Strength, As You Get Older In 2024

As we age, our strength can decline due to various factors such as degradation of ligaments and tendons.

To maintain strength, you need to lift heavy weights within the range of 6-20 repetitions per set.

For optimal results, try to focus on explosive movements that you can still control. You should also make sure to have a slow and controlled descent during your training. Squeezing the muscles during exercise is crucial for building strength and power.

For the upper body, it’s recommended to do sets of 6-8 repetitions, while for the lower body, 12-15 repetitions are ideal.

Additionally, joint health and hydration are vital for an overall healthy body.

It’s important to avoid comparing ourselves to others and prioritize exercises that don’t cause pain to avoid joint and ligament damage. Rest days are necessary for muscle growth and optimal hormone levels.

Lastly, proper nutrition and sleep are also essential for overall muscle and body health. Following these easy tips can help you maintain your strength and keep your body healthy.

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