👨‍🦲Low Sex Drive, Erectile Problems & Hair Loss Are Linked

Today’s subscriber question is what or if there’s a connection between hair loss and having a low sex drive and erectile problems.

The answer to this is, “yes”.

In fact, this is why as a man ages, his sex drive typically decreases, he can have erectile problems and he is also thinning or losing his hair (balding, receding, etc.)

Genetics aside, the cause is due to hormones. More specifically, the imbalance in your hormones – such as testosterone, estrogen, DHT and stress hormones like cortisol.

In this video, I reveal the main hormonal causes or hormonal imbalances that cause and/or accelerate hair loss and how you can fix, stop, and even reverse the receding hairline, thinning hair line and balding.

In addition to this video, I have lots of specific and more detailed information and videos about hair loss causes & solutions.

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