👄 Mouthwash Can Cause ED, High Blood Pressure & Gut Problems (2024)

    Today’s topic is for anyone who is concerned about:

    • Erectile problems and impotence
    • High blood pressure
    • Cardiovascular health
    • Digestive and gut health, including ulcers

    And if you use mouthwash, then for sure you need to listen carefully.

    And before I start, if you are concerned about erectile problems or high blood pressure, make sure you read this article.

    Interesting Study on Mouthwash

    So I ran into an interesting clinical study the other day.

    It stated that “antibacterial mouthwash”… you know, the kind you use to freshen your breath… “depletes oral nitrate-reducing bacteria, and decreases systemic nitric oxide bioavailability”.


    Simply stated, using mouthwash decreases nitric oxide levels in the body.

    And as I’ve stated in previous articles, nitric oxide helps vasodilate the blood vessels and thus, helps improve blood flow.

    Drugs such as Viagra and Cialis, work by increasing nitric oxide levels and thus, help guys getting better, harder, and stronger erections.

    In fact, as we age and your hormones start to fall apart… such as a decrease in testosterone and an increase in female and stress hormones, your body produces less nitric oxide.

    This means:

    • Softer erections and impotence
    • Fewer pumps at the gym for you guys that workout

    Now, lower nitric oxide levels also mean higher blood pressure, which can also lead to cardiovascular health problems. Thus, a heart attack or stroke.


    Lastly, lower nitric oxide levels cause problems with gut health.

    Basically, rinsing with mouthwash daily could significantly affect the makeup of the bacteria in your mouth in a NEGATIVE way. This, in turn, causes problems with the gut lining, which increases a great risk of developing gastric ulcers.

    Granted, I personally don’t believe using mouthwash daily is going to cause all of these major issues.

    But, why risk it guys? Why do anything that can cause all of these problems? It’s “hard” enough, no pun intended, to have good erections describe yourself essay and healthy blood pressure as we age – so don’t do anything that can make this worse.

    What Should I Do Instead?

    Just brush your teeth and tongue if you’re concerned about fresh breath.


    Or use breath mints the next time you want to make out with a lady.

    Now I’ve got important links if you’re concerned about erectile issues or high blood pressure.

    Please take action with what you’ve learned today.

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