Oh **** – Your Testosterone Levels Just Dropped By 150% (new research)

I don’t even know where to start with today’s video because it’s just riddled with bad news for us guys. Especially for all of you guys who have NOT taken action on my previous videos about boosting your testosterone levels, naturally…

But, I guess I’ll start from the beginning…

One of my subscribers to my private newsletter emailed me a few reports and asked:

Dr. Robbins – is it true that the average 22-year-old man has the SAME testosterone levels as a 67-year-old man did, just 20 years ago?… I know in the past you’ve said how men’s testosterone levels are much lower these days, but are things truly this bad now? If yes, what’s the cause and the solution?

Well, depending on which study you’re looking at, the numbers are different.

What Do The Numbers Say?

However, the bottom line is always the same result. There are dozens of human studies clearly showing that yes, men’s testosterone levels are much lower these days.

Not just a little bit either…

But as low as 50% less to as much as 140% less, compared to the year, 2000 – that’s just a little over 20 years ago.

Regardless of the study, or if it’s 25% or 150% … it’s a big drop.

Now, the same trend also follows because other studies have shown historically low:

  • Marriage rates
  • Birth Rates
  • And even decreased sexual activity by men, especially younger guys (ie: erectile problems)

There are also high rates of:

  • depression in men, especially younger men – and yes, testosterone controls mood
  • Gynocomastia or “man boobs” – and yes, this is because of lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels and other hormonal imbalances

masculine vs feminine

You get the point… things are just getting worse each year.

The bottom line is that in modern society, men are becoming LESS manly – hormonally, physically and yes, even emotionally.

Even women are complaining that men aren’t men anymore, at least – not like they used to be.

But, that’s a different topic for another day.

What’s The Cause Of Low Testosterone?

Okay, it’s clear most guys do NOT have maximal testosterone levels and optimal hormonal balance.

So, what’s the cause, and more importantly, what can you do to reverse and fix this negative trend?

Well, the honest answer is that it’s never just ONE main cause. It’s usually a few key factors.

There are a few big problems

  1. STRESS – is a major one. Not as much physical stress, but emotional & mental stress. Poor sleep is a big stressor. In fact, people are getting 20% less sleep now, than just 20 years ago.
  2. DIET – yes, diet is a major issue. Less whole foods are being eaten today and more packaged foods that aren’t natural. We are lacking key nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
  3. EXERCISE – Most people aren’t moving much. They have more fat and less muscle. Then there are those who are working out too much, too often, and too hard.
  4. ENVIRONMENT – and then there’s stuff that we can’t even control, like environmental factors like what’s found in the foods we eat, water, electronic devices, and so forth.

All of these factors are creating hormonal imbalances and basically, making you less manly and more feminine.

And you can tell in the way guys act, think, look and perform – especially in the bedroom.

The Good News

However, the good news is that all of this can be turned around and fixed – regardless of your age.

And NO, you don’t have to follow any crazy or restrictive diets. Or exercise a couple of hours daily. Or completely unplug from modern technology and devices. Or have to take a bunch of lame supplements that most don’t work.

Just small changes you can make, that will cause big improvements in your hormones.

I want to keep things simple, convenient, and easy for you – so you can take action NOW, get positive results tomorrow and continue to improve long-term.

So, while it’s fresh in your mind,  take a look at the best, clinically proven ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels and optimize your hormones.

Please don’t procrastinate… this problem isn’t going to magically fix itself and the older you get, the worst the problem and the harder it is to fix.

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