Prostate Health – Top 7 Most Popular Questions & Answers

Today I’m going to quickly cover and answer the top 7 most popular questions I’ve received about prostate health. 

One of the important facts about prostate issues is that they can easily be avoided by optimizing your hormones.

1. What’s The Real Cause Of Prostate Problems

Genetics aside, it’s a hormonal imbalance.

And despite what you may have heard, high testosterone is NOT the cause of prostate growth  –  it’s what testosterone CONVERTS to, which is both DHT and Estrogen.

2. What Are The First Signs Of Prostate Problems

There are a few, such as:

  • Painful or burning sensation during urination or ejaculation.
  • Frequent urination, particularly at night.
  • Difficulty stopping or starting urination.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Blood in urine or semen.

At this point, you would see your doctor so they can do further tests.

3. At What AGE Should You Have Your Prostate Checked?

If you have a family history of prostate issues, I’d start at age 40. Otherwise, age 50 is the norm.

4. What Are The Best Treatments For An Enlarged Prostate?

There are lots of options:

  • Surgery – LAST resort
  • Drugs – Alpha-Blockers and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, which have side effects or don’t treat the cause of the problem
  • Supplements – various herbs, vitamins, and minerals. Most don’t work.

The best mineral is Zinc, combined with copper.

And the best and ONLY supplement that does improve and balance all of these hormones is AlphaViril – which also contains the correct form and dosages for Zinc and Copper.

5. Does An Enlarged Prostate Affect A Man Sexually?

Yes, it does. The hormonal imbalances that cause the enlarged prostate are the primary cause of a decrease in libido, sex drive, and cause of erectile problems.

That’s why so many guys use AlphaViril – a 20+ year proven formula for prostate and sexual health.

6. I Heard Caffeine Is Bad For The Prostate?

Yes, this is correct. Caffeine is a diuretic and increases urination and frequency, which can irritate an already sensitive prostate.

7. Can An Enlarged Prostate Shrink in Size or be “Cured”?


The good news is that whatever prostate problems you may have, it can definitely be improved by optimizing your and balancing your hormones to their youthful levels.

Many guys take AlphaViril, which helps optimize your hormones and thus, helps with the prostate — in addition to increasing libido, sex drive, muscle mass, decrease in belly fat, and improved memory.

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