Testosterone – The BEST Anti Depressant (clinically proven!)

There are lots of recent stats that clearly show that not only is a depression on the rise in the past decade, but almost 300% more in recent times – especially since our recent global pandemic.

Of course, stats are never perfectly precise … However, with all the private emails and messages I’ve been getting over the past year, I can certainly see an increase in depression.

And as such, anti-depressant drugs are heavily prescribed now, more than ever.

Men And Depression

When it comes to men, well… we pretend we aren’t depressed. Or if we are, we surely don’t share it with other people.

We pretend everything is fine.

Or, we just numb ourselves with work, TV, food, porn, video games, alcohol, or whatever.

Which is obviously horrible for your health – both physically and even more so, emotionally.

By the way, depression isn’t always manifested with the typical sadness or hopelessness that you hear or think about.

Anger is also a symptom of depression. And men, more than women, tend to feel and show more anger… which many times may be a symptom or reaction of depression.

anger stress depression

Now, the problem with taking antidepressant medications is that the research clearly shows that they don’t work in many people.

They surely don’t fix the root cause of the depression for most people.

Lastly, antidepressant drugs also kill your sex drive – for both men and women.

But even more so in men…

And for a guy, a low sex drive … or having impotence or erectile problems, automatically makes us feel even more depressed and not very manly.

We instantly feel old and a bit, worthless.

So even if the antidepressant drugs did make you FEEL better, your inability to sexually perform will instantly cause more depression.

So, What’s The Solution?

Of course, you need to know the underlying cause of your depression or what’s causing you to feel sad or unmotivated.

Obviously, that requires some introspection or time spent with a good therapist.

However, what if I told you that by fixing your hormones, you’d instantly improve your mood and your sexual performance?

Because one thing is for sure, the lower your testosterone, the more unhappy and less driven you are.

In fact, I believe the best antidepressant for men is maximizing their testosterone levels and optimizing their hormones.

testosterone and mood

Heck, even in women, testosterone plays an amazing role in mood enhancement and drive – both sexually and emotionally.

Now, below this video in the description area, I’ve listed important resources, links and videos all about the best and natural ways of increasing your testosterone levels and optimizing your youth hormones.

So make sure to check out the resources at the bottom of this video.

WHY or HOW Testosterone Improves Your Mood?

Well, hormones are very complicated, so it’s never ONE simple answer.

However, there are a few scientific reasons why testosterone is increased naturally, from within.. Endogenously. Not not as much when it’s done with injections, exogenously.

  • Testosterone promotes neuroplasticity and the activation of the serotonin system.
  • It helps produce more dopamine, which increases drive, and makes life more pleasurable and the pursuit of goals more pleasurable.
  • Higher testosterone levels also mean more balanced estradiol and DHT levels – both of which have antidepressant effects, when in a normal range – not high or low.
  • Higher testosterone levels also allow the body to deal with stress and stress hormones such as cortisol much better. Thus, allowing you to manage and deal with stress better. Making you more resilient.
  • Optimal testosterone and youthful hormonal balance also make dramatic improvements in sleep quality and duration… And good sleep improves dozens of hormones and neurotransmitters, all of which are extremely important for positive mood and well-being.
  • Then, of course, the simple fact that you look better with more muscle and less fat because of higher testosterone levels, makes you feel better.
  • Higher testosterone gives you energy, which makes you more alert and happy.
  • And lastly and most importantly coming full circle, higher testosterone and optimal hormonal balance improve sexual drive, performance and erections – which makes any guy feel youthful, driven, and more manly.

All the above builds confidence and a positive outlook, which is the opposite of depression.

So, before you blame your life, or try harmful antidepressant drugs, maybe it’s best to FIRST improve your testosterone levels and optimize youthful hormonal balance.

Not only will your health, mood and happiness improve, so will how you look and feel – which all means more confidence and resilience.

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