⚠️ The Shocking Truth About Morning Erections & Your Health In 2024

So today, I want to talk about morning erections and what it means to your health.

Unfortunately, if you’re not waking up with strong, morning erections as you used to in your younger years – this can be a clear sign of a few major health concerns and warnings, such as:

  • Negative hormonal imbalances
  • Poor blood flow & circulation
  • Heart disease – which can lead to a heart attack or stroke
  • Poor sleep
  • High-stress levels
  • Prostate problems
  • Depression, again – due to hormonal imbalances

And I bring up this topic today because I was recently asked:

“Dr. Sam – I’m a little bit concerned, I rarely get morning erections. I searched online about this topic and as usual, it’s mixed results and advice. So, I’m now even more confused and frustrated. Basically, what’s the cause, is it bad that I don’t get them anymore as I used to when I was younger. I’m also not as happy or driven in life and I don’t know if all of this is a physical or mental issue or maybe both. Please help or do an article about this topic.”

And over the past few months, this type of question has been asked many times, so let me get right to the point of causes and solutions.

What Causes Morning “Wood” / Erections?

Waking up with an erection or a “woody” as some guys call it, is also called “Nocturnal Penile Tumescence” (NPT).

This is a normal occurrence with most boys and men, especially when younger – when things are working properly and correctly.

Time To Urinate

One theory for the cause of morning erections is due to the timing of Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and because of the parasympathetic nervous system affecting the sacral nerve.


This nerve is connected to the bladder and simply stated – when you need to urinate, you’ll get an erection.

However, I don’t like this theory much because there are plenty of times I’ve gotten up in the middle of the night to pee and I don’t have an erection. So, why does it mainly happen in the morning?

Sexual Stimulation

Another theory is that you’ve had a vivid and sexual dream and you’re stimulated. Or, maybe your partner touches you while both of you are sleeping this is some sort of “sexual stimulation”, which causes an erection.

sex dreams

Again, a bad theory in my opinion. Little boys get morning erections and I doubt they are having sexual dreams and there’s nobody laying next to them that could sexually stimulate them.

The REAL Cause Of Morning Erections

Do you know when a man does a hormone blood test for testosterone levels, they tell him to do it first thing in the morning?… This is because your testosterone, both total and free testosterone, is highest in the morning.

And THIS is also the reason you have morning erections – healthy testosterone levels. More so, optimal hormonal balance.

This means lower estrogen levels and in fact, normal cortisol levels.

It’s ALL About The Hormones

For example…

IF estrogen and other female hormones are high, your testosterone will be lower and there’s an imbalance between these male/female hormones.

IF your stress hormones are also very high, such as cortisol and similar hormones, your testosterone will also be lower.

In fact, this is why when you’re under heavy stress or you don’t sleep well or not enough, you will not have morning erections. But, if you get a really good night’s sleep, you’ll wake up with a strong morning erection…


ASSUMING your testosterone and other key hormones are ALSO balanced and in an optimal range.

And I’ll tell you how you can quickly fix these hormones in a minute and do so, naturally. So please continue reading if this is something you want to fix.

And of course, this all makes sense when you think about it — this is why when you’re younger, you are usually waking up with strong, morning “wood”.

Now, you may ask, “But wait, earlier you said little boys get morning erections – they don’t have any testosterone yet?”

No, this is incorrect.

Little boys may NOT be producing as much testosterone as adult males since their testicles aren’t producing much, YET.

However, they are STILL producing enough, especially from their adrenal glands.

What IF You’re NOT Getting Morning Erections?

So the next question is, what if you’re not getting morning erections? What does this mean?

Of course, as you get older, due to stresses in life, and so forth – I don’t expect you to wake up with a crazy strong erection every morning, but you should most days.

FOR SURE if you’re in your 30s and younger.


I’m almost 50 and I get them every single morning, with the exception of days that I just haven’t slept well for a couple of days and my stress levels are super high.

And if you’re not having these frequent, morning erections at any age, then this is a warning sign:

  • Your testosterone levels are dropping and are starting to get too low.
  • You have hormonal imbalances as well — higher female and stress hormones.
  • You have erectile dysfunction and if left untreated, it WILL get to impotence at some point.
  • You have poor blood flow – which can lead to high blood pressure, weaker arteries, and plaque and cholesterol buildup.
  • You’re overweight, which also means you’re producing too much estrogen, which is making it even harder for you to lose fat.
  • You might have mild depression — again, stemming from hormonal imbalances and low dopamine levels.

All of this means you’re not healthy. You’re aging faster.

This can typically also lead to prostate problems.

What’s The Solution?

So at this point, you want to know what the solution is and how you can fix this.

Of course, the typical suggestion most experts will tell you is that you need to go see a doctor.

But why? What are they going to do? Other than prescribing you some drug, maybe Viagra, which is only dealing with the symptoms, masking the problem, and only making things worse!!!

So, my suggestion is you immediately make some lifestyle improvements, quickly and naturally improve your testosterone levels, balance your negative hormones, and improve your blood flow.


And you can literally see and feel the benefits within days and over the next few weeks and months, reverse this problem, and fix it long-term.

This means better health and better performance in the bedroom.

Now, I’ve got 2 important links I want you to take a look at right now, while it’s fresh on your mind.

They will lead you to natural solutions and quick fixes.

Please take action now, before this situation, your libido, and your health, get worse!

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