Top 10 Sex Drive Killers

Today I want to discuss the top 10 “sex-drive” killers…

As you get older, your sex drive tends to decrease – this is especially true for men. At the end of today’s article, I’ll give you one of the best solutions for naturally increasing your sex drive, regardless of your age. However, just as important as ‘increasing’ your drive, is to stop or reduce these top 10 “sex-drive” killers.

1 – Stress

When you’re under stress – mentally, physically, and/or emotionally – you don’t really feel “sexy”. Your mind is more focused on the “problem” and it’s hard to get out of your head. But more so, the real problem with stress is NEGATIVE changes in your hormones.

As your stress hormone cortisol goes up, your primary “sex drive” hormone, Testosterone goes DOWN! Many people think the opposite of testosterone is estrogen, but it’s not.

It’s the stress hormone, Cortisol By the way, BOTH men and women have these same hormones, but just in different amounts and ratios.

Needless to say, when your body is under stress and you have these negative hormonal changes, it’s “nature’s” way of turning OFF your sex drive because it’s not the right time to procreate – which is the primary reason for having sex in nature.

Based on thousands of years of evolution, your body thinks “hey, you’re under a lot of stress… maybe there isn’t enough food or shelter, I better turn OFF your libido so you don’t have intercourse and try to have a baby — it’s not a good time”

So you must learn to manage your stress levels because this is a major “sex drive” killer, due to the negative changes in your hormones!

2 – Partner/Relationship Problems

Problems with your partner are one of the top sex-drive killers. This can fall into the “stress” category as well, but this would be more of emotional stress.

This typically affects women even more because for women, feeling close is a major part of “desire”. They start to get aroused more in their mind and heart, while men do so visually with their eyes.

However, “stress” from fighting, poor communication, negative feelings of resentment, betrayal, anger, and other trust issues all negatively affect your sexual desire for your partner.

Just know that this person that you’re intimate with, does NOT come from a place of ill intent. They may say the wrong things at times because they feel angry, insecure, not loved and so forth — but you need to sit down and put your pride aside and start communicating again.

Remember, if you treat the person you’re with the way you did in the BEGINNING, there will not be an “end”! Something to think about …

3 – Alcohol

One or two drinks may make you feel more open to sex by reducing your inhibitions. But too much alcohol will do the opposite, especially in men.


This is because alcohol increases estrogen levels, which then lowers testosterone – your primary sex-drive hormone.

By the way, this is true for many drugs – marijuana being one of them as well. So do your best to limit your alcohol to maybe 1 or 2 drinks.

4 – Too Little Sleep

If you’re not sleeping enough or not sleeping well, chances are you’re tired. And if you’re tired all the time, you’re not going to want to have sex… especially after a long work day, dealing with life, kids, and all the other problems we deal with.

Another major issue with not sleeping enough is again, the negative change in your hormones. Low sleep increases your stress hormone, Cortisol. As I’ve already mentioned, high cortisol LOWERS your testosterone.

So do your best to get to bed earlier or take a nap if you can during the day. More sleep is good for your sex drive and overall health.

5 – Having Kids

Having kids lowers your sex drive in multiple ways.

A – you’re tired from lack of sleep
B – more stress (worry, money, etc.)
C – less TIME to have sex because of the kids


You can’t get rid of the kids, but you can try to squeeze in a “date” night once a week if you can. Kids are a priority but don’t neglect your spouse in all of this

6 – Medications

You’d be surprised, but MOST medications cause a DECREASE in your sex drive.


This is because of negative changes in your hormones, as well as the extra stress on your body and organs (liver, kidney, etc.)

That’s why I always suggest taking natural herbs and vitamins, rather than prescription drugs.

7 – Feeling insecure about your body

Feeling sexy is easier if you like how you look. Some things about the way you look you can change, some you can’t.

Those that you can’t, you must learn to accept it. No point in focusing on or worrying about something you can’t change… right?

Better to put effort into improving the parts of your body that you’re not super happy about, but that you CAN change and improve.

If you want to lose a few pounds or gain some muscle, put in the time and effort and make it happen.

We both know that getting older is only going to make things harder. So get started NOW and just do something physical and focus on improving what you CAN, rather than what’s out of your control.

8 – Depression

Being depressed can shut off your ability to have pleasure in many things, especially sex.


When you’re depressed, you don’t look forward to anything, and “being sexual” can be one of those.

Sadly, taking prescription antidepressants turns OFF your sex drive even more because of the negative changes in your hormones caused by these toxic drugs.

Exercise can definitely change and improve your hormones, helping reduce depression. So can taking certain herbs and vitamins, which I’ll tell you more about in a second.

9 & 10 – Hormonal Changes

Finally, the biggest “sex-drive killer” of all is the change in your hormones… typically due to aging.

If you’re a woman, going through menopause will definitely cause a decrease in your sex drive. And this is because of an imbalance in your hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, etc.)

Not only will you lose your mental and physical “drive”, but also the vaginal dryness and pain during sex will further cause most women to be “turned off” with the thought of sex.

male female


As women go through menopause, men go through something similar called, “andropause”.

This again is a negative change in your hormones due to aging. And this is mainly caused due to a DECREASE in your primary “sex drive hormone” called, testosterone. By the way, women also have lowered testosterone during menopause.

The other issue for men is an increase in the female hormone, estrogen. So again, an imbalance in your hormones.


Over and over again you’ll notice that the primary cause of low libido, is the negative change in your hormones.

For men, this is gradual but starts as early as the mid-’20s

For women, this tends to happen quickly due to menopause.

Needless to say, if you want to improve your physical and mental well-being while increasing your sex drive and looking and feeling younger, you MUST improve your youth hormones.

I have great video about this topic and my favorite solution for improving your youthful, sex-drive hormones.

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