Total Vs Free Testosterone – The REAL Difference

Let me give you a simple overview and analogy between total and free testosterone, using money as an example.

Simply stated, your total testosterone is similar to the GROSS income you make. While your free testosterone is like your NET profit – the money you keep after all of your expenses.

For example, your monthly paycheck or income is $5000 a month. But after taxes and all of your expenses (rent, food, etc.) you are left with $400 in the bank account.

The $5000 revenue is like your total testosterone and the $400 profit after expenses, is like your free testosterone.

I use this money example since everyone understands money, income, and expenses.

Medical Explanation

About 98% of the testosterone your body produces – and in men, this is primarily done through your testicles – is considered your TOTAL testosterone.

This 98% of total testosterone is bound to or stuck to either sex-hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), or albumin (a protein made by the liver, in your blood plasma)

The remaining 2% is unbound. Meaning, that it’s not “stuck” to anything and thus, this is the FREE testosterone.

It’s free to move around your body and work its magic.

This “FREE” testosterone is what triggers many of the benefits. It attaches to the receptors in the body and triggers actions with the DNA and so forth.

By the way, this does NOT take into account your body’s genetic sensitivity at the receptors and thus, how much or how little the testosterone affects your body.

So, just like the money example, I gave you… Your total testosterone or “income” matters. BUT, your FREE testosterone or “NET” profit matters MORE.

Because that is what makes the majority of the action – the FREE testosterone.

The Big Problem

And here’s the big problem – you go to the doctor because your libido sucks, you’re losing muscle and all of these negative effects.

You know the importance of testosterone, so you ask your doctor to do a blood test.

You get the blood test results and your total testosterone is in the normal, healthy range. At the very least, it’s not low.

So, your doctor says, “you’re perfectly healthy – don’t worry about it”.

BUT, he didn’t check or look at your FREE testosterone, which could have been super LOW.

Thus, you barely had any net profit at the end of the month and no money in your bank account.

So now you may be thinking, “great, how do I increase my FREE testosterone so I can have more NET profit?

Actually, your goal IS to increase your total testosterone. But we also want to focus even more attention on increasing your FREE testosterone.

So, how can we accomplish this goal… naturally?… without the use of drugs and testosterone injections or creams?

The good news is there are a few specific ways and I’ve already covered them in another article.

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