What Causes Low “Free Testosterone” & High SHBG

Having high testosterone levels is great, but having high “free testosterone” is much more important – as free testosterone is what is left to be used freely.  Consider your total testosterone as your gross income and free testosterone as net profit (what is left after expenses).

In order to increase free testosterone you need to lower SHBG – so it can “free” more testosterone.

What causes low “free testosterone” and high SHBG?

  • Being on a very low-carb or ketogenic diet. You need some carbs in your diet to increase free testosterone.
  • High estrogen levels increase SHBG. The best way to lower estrogen is to lose excess body fat.
  • High DHT
  • High stress and cortisol levels

So, to have more “free testosterone” and less SHBG – you need to have a balanced diet, lose body fat, and decrease your stress levels. Natural supplements, herbs and vitamins can also help to increase total and “free” testosterone, and lower your SHBG.

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