What Happens If Low Testosterone Goes Untreated? (2024)

Video Summary

What can happen to you if you don’t improve your testosterone levels and your low-t goes untreated?

 PHYSICAL problems

  • Muscle and strength loss
  • Fat gain, especially the ugly and unhealthy belly fat
  • Weaker bones can lead to bone loss, osteoporosis, fractures, and so forth.
  • Poor sexual function and impotence
  • Decrease in penis size – both length and girth
  • Feeling tired and fatigued and having low stamina
  • Bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels
  • Poor sleep, especially quality sleep
  • Hair loss and balding
  • Prostate growth

EMOTIONAL problems

  • Depression
  • Lack of drive and apathy in life
  • Anxiety
  • Being overly emotional
  • Low confidence

MENTAL issues

  • Memory loss
  • Slower brain function
  • Increase incidence of neurodegenerative changes

Actually, there are other problems – but, you get the point.

Low Testosterone = Accelerated Aging

Basically, low testosterone levels and hormonal imbalances cause you to look and feel older and simply stated – accelerates aging and all the problems associated with aging.

And when it’s left untreated, it only gets worse over time.

You’re losing both life AND health span.

You’re just causing yourself to live a sub-par life, which negatively affects everything else around you:

  • Your relationships – both intimate and personal
  • Your work and your ability to earn money
  • You do NOT want to take care of yourself, your health, exercise, and so forth because you feel like crap and you just don’t have the physical, mental and emotional energy, desire, confidence and drive to do anything.

This is no different than menopause that women go through and hence, why this is called andropause for men.

The Solution

So, if you have lower testosterone levels – please do yourself a favor and take action.

Stop being lazy and making up excuses.

All that’s going to do is lead to more problems and REGRET!

I’ve done lots of videos about how to naturally, quickly, and easily improve your testosterone levels. I also have natural solutions that are proven to work, are natural, and with no side effects.

Don’t procrastinate. Don’t make excuses.

It’s time you take care of yourself and the future of your health.

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