💪 Who Else Wants Bigger, Harder & More Vascular Looking Muscles? (2024)

Today I’m going to give you a quick, summary on how to get bigger, harder, and more vascular-looking muscles.

I’ve got a more detailed article about this topic “5 Proven Tips To Get Bigger, Harder, Vascular Looking Muscles”.

However, if you’re in a rush, here are 5 things you must do and the first is

#1 – Get Lean

First of all, you can’t look good if your muscles are covered by a layer of fat.

So the leaner you get, the bigger you’ll look – especially with your shirt off.

Lean men

So you need to get below 10% body fat to really start to see muscle definition, which will give that “illusion” that you’re actually BIGGER than you really are.

Plus, if you want to look hard, you’ll need to strip off the fat, or else you’ll look “soft and watery”.

#2 – Get Hydrated

A muscle is made up mostly of water and blood and thus, most of is just water.

So, the more hydrated a muscle is, the bigger and fuller you’ll look.


Plus, with more water comes more blood volume, which will give you more vascularity and veins.

The way to get more water in the muscle is to eat more carbs and drink a lot more water.

However, the real secret is you need to add Himalayan or Celtic salt to your meals and water, to help absorb the extra water into your muscle cells to fill them out and pump you up.

#3 – Get Insulin Sensitive

There’s nothing “evil” about carbohydrates. The real problem is high blood sugar.

However, by improving insulin sensitivity, your blood sugar will not go up as much when you eat carbs. This means less insulin is secreted and thus, the food will go into your MUSCLE cells, instead of your fat cells.

#4 – Get Exercising

You obviously need to lift weights to make your muscle grow and “pop”.

Lift both low and high reps.


Lift heavier weights for 6-8 reps for denser, harder-looking muscles.

As well as higher, 10-15 reps for more blood volume, vascularity, and roundness to your muscles.

Also, don’t do strenuous cardio like running or jogging, or else your muscles will flatten out, lose their pop/fullness and you’ll look “skinny/fat”.

#5 – Get Hormonal

None of this will do much if you don’t have optimal hormonal balance.

This means higher testosterone – so you can build more muscle and have vascularity.

You also want to lower female hormones (estrogen, prolactin, etc.), so you’ll have less fat.

And finally, decrease stress hormones like Cortisol, so you don’t lose muscle and don’t hold water under the skin.

This is how steroids work.

Of course, your goal is to do it naturally so you can look good ALL the time, year-round… Instead of going up and down in muscle and fat, while dealing with all the side effects of steroids (hair loss, zits, man boobs, etc.)

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