Why Increasing Testosterone Can Be BAD For You, Unless You Do THIS!

One of the biggest problems with aging, are hormonal imbalances. There are lots of them, but today I’m going to focus on testosterone levels - which affect BOTH men and women. Even though, it does manifest itself much more so in men ...

"Increase My Libido & Testosterone"

Today I want to answer a very important question from Jacob. He writes:

“Doc, I’m totally confused. I’m 48 and I’ve got all the symptoms of having low testosterone. I’ve been doing my research. My doctor says “don’t worry, this is normal”. I then read some other expert saying how I should increase it, so I can be healthier. And then I read the exact opposite from another “expert” saying that increasing it can cause health problems and even cancer. PLEASE HELP me, I’m so confused and I’m so tired of all the contradictory information – what should I do?”

I’m posting this question because it’s a good one, it’s important and yes, there’s a LOT of misinformation online and yes, it can be very confusing and frustrating. That’s exactly why I write articles and give seminars.

… to simplify the process for you of getting AND staying healthy!

Hormonal Imbalances

One of the biggest problems with aging, are hormonal imbalances. There are lots of them, but today I’m going to focus on testosterone levels – which affect BOTH men and women.

Even though, it does manifest itself much more so in men because of erectile dysfunction, impotence and of course muscle loss and fat gain.

So the problem is that as you age, your testosterone levels start decreasing.

This starts around your mid 20’s. The decline accelerates in your 30’s and really starts to drop hard around your 40’s and beyond

At this point, most guys really DO need to increase their testosterone back to it’s youthful levels, so they can look and feel younger again.

Low Testosterone & Health Problems

Not to mention, low testosterone levels causes many health problems and diseases — such as

    • heart disease
    • high cholesterol and blood pressure
    • Poor blood blood flow and circulation
    • diabetes and high blood sugar
    • mental decline and memory loss
    • Depression, anxiety
    • and yes, even CANCER!

So again, the goal is to increase your testosterone levels, to their higher, youthful levels.

Your Testosterone Boosting Options

And to do this, you can either take prescription testosterone “exogenously”, from the outside… such as testosterone injections or creams containing the drug “testosterone”.

Or you can do it naturally, “endogenously”, from within… By taking specific herbs, vitamins and minerals. And of course, improving your lifestyle as well.

The REAL Problem!

Now, the problem with increasing your testosterone is that as you age, your body starts to convert the testosterone to more “anti-testosterone” hormones that LOWER your testosterone.

So, let’s say you try to increase your testosterone with a drug (exogenously) or supplements (endogenously). Your body initially and TEMPORARILY increases your testosterone. Which is great.

But soon after, it all drops again back to lower levels because your body quickly does 3 things:

[1] It lowers testosterone by converting it to more female hormones, such as estrogen. This causes fat again, depression and “man” boobs.

[2] It also lowers testosterone by converting it to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) – this accelerates balding, extra body hair and prostate problems.

[3] Finally, there’s an increase in stress and adrenal hormones, such as cortisol.

And each of these 3 “conversions”, further lowers the testosterone back to “low” levels again.

So, not only are back to having “low” testosterone again like you originally did. But now you have an even BIGGER problem — HIGH estrogen, DHT and stress hormones!!!

THIS is now the reason you are at a higher risk for cancer and various diseases.

The Solution

So the solution is that you need to REDUCE the conversion to these 3 “negative” hormones.

You don’t want to block them completely because they are needed and have important roles. You just want to “lower” them.

The real problem is that 99% of doctor’s don’t do this and don’t know how to do this and the truth is, they don’t really even care because it’s very complicated.

If taking testosterone injections, you’d have to take drugs that also inhibit estrogen, DHT and cortisol. Not only does this get very expensive, all of these drugs have their own problems and negative side-effects.

You can also take supplements that do this – the benefit is, no negative side-effects. Unfortunately, it can get complicated and very expensive because you’ll need to take like 6-8 different herbs and minerals to reduce these “negative aging” hormones.

And THIS is the problem I ran into myself almost 20 years ago.

How do I increase testosterone levels AND keep them high, while DECREASING the negative, “anti-testosterone”, “aging” hormones that I just mentioned?

Considering I’m an anti-aging, endocrinology “hormone” doctor – I had to find an easier and more effective solution and after a few months of testing, I finally did.

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