⚠️Why TRT Won’t Help Your Testosterone Issues! (2024 update)

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a hot topic and a big money maker for doctors.

However, it may not always be effective and can even lead to impotence.

To develop an effective treatment plan, it is very important to do a comprehensive hormone analysis. It must include free testosterone, estradiol, DHT, thyroid panel, and vitamin D.

Giving testosterone to someone with high DHT and estrogen levels can actually make the problem worse.

Unfortunately, many doctors rush to prescribe drugs instead of fixing the underlying causes of low testosterone. Overprescribing TRT can lead to unnecessary complications and side effects.

Even with additional medications like HCG or HMG, the natural testosterone production and fertility may never fully recover after long-term use of TRT.

Sadly, some doctors may prioritize profit over patient well-being.

It’s important to consider individual genetics and other factors that may contribute to testosterone issues first.

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