Antidepressants Pros and Cons

Antidepressants are a common medication that is prescribed for those who are suffering from the effects of depression. They may be particularly useful in treated moderate to severe cases of depression where life is dramatically impacted in a negative way without medication. Most doctors will go over the pros and cons of a antidepressant prescription during the treatment process, but there are some advantages and disadvantages you may not have known about with this medication.

What Are the Pros of Antidepressants?

1. All Antidepressants Are Equally Effective
There is no evidence to say that one brand of antidepressants is better than another brand. People may react differently to different antidepressants, however, which is why one may be recommended over another. If one antidepressant causes weight gain and the other does not, that’s an important reason to take one over the other.

2. It Is An Incredibly Cost-Effective Treatment Option
Generic versions of some antidepressants can be obtained for about $1 per day. For those who are on tight budget or may not have access to comprehensive prescription drug insurance, it allows for effective treatment options to be received without too much budgetary damage.

3. They Can Create Better Intimate Experiences
For men who struggle in the intimacy department, especially when length of time is being considered, antidepressants can prolong how long guys are able to last.

4. They May Help to Relieve Fibromyalgia Symptoms
One of the unique features about the older antidepressants that are on the market today is that they have certain anti-inflammatory qualities to them. It allows people to go through the day with less pain, sleep better at night, and still be able to retain a positive mood. Two out of the three drugs approved for American use in the treatment of fibromyalgia are antidepressants.

What Are the Cons of Antidepressants?

1. It Could Completely Eliminate Sexual Desire
Some people, but mostly guys, have found that antidepressants have caused a permanent decrease in their overall libido. Other issues, including sensitivity and even total dysfunction have also been noted. The assumption is that these problems resolve themselves after the antidepressants are no longer taken, but that hasn’t always been the case.

2. It Could Affect Fertility
Men who have taken antidepressants and were completely healthy were found to have fragmented DNA within their sperm in just 4 weeks. Fertility issues did resolve themselves in about a month after stopping the antidepressants, but the issue could make it difficult for a couple to become pregnant.

3. It Could Affect Overall Bone Density
Although no studies have definitely confirmed this, there is the potential for higher levels of bone fractures, particularly hip fractures, in those who are regularly taking antidepressants.

Antidepressants have shown to be helpful in a number of circumstances, but there are some disadvantages that should be considered as well. By evaluating all of the pros and cons of what antidepressants can do, everyone can make the right choice about taking them during a conversation with their doctor.

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