Is Camomile Tea Good for Anxiety

One of Mom’s best home remedies for trouble going to sleep was a steaming hot cup of chamomile tea. It was always a hated remedy as a kid because there was never any sugar in the tea. You’d get a cup of hot water, feel like complaining… and then end up asleep in the next 10 minutes max. This very fragrant tea has the ability to boost immune systems, ease muscle cramps, and even provide a level of help with an upset stomach.

Does it also help with anxiety? There is some research that seems to indicate that it can. Moms for several generations have claimed that it has this power and science is finally starting to catch up with what lots of moms already know. Let’s take a look to see if it could help you.

Chamomile Tea Is Proven To Reduce Stress Levels

The cost of going to the doctor is going up in a lot of places around the world. It’s becoming difficult to justify the expense of see the doc, especially if the only problem you’ve got is a higher level of anxiety going on daily. The issue, however, is that when these worries are present every day, they can turn into a habit that’s called a “Generalized Anxiety Disorder’ that can literally dominate your mindset. How could a simple tea like chamomile help this problem?

The first aspect to consider about chamomile is that it acts as a nerve relaxant. One of the biggest problems that people with anxiety typically face is an over-stimulated nervous system. It’s one of the reasons why panic attacks can be triggered by caffeine products! Even if you just surround yourself with the fragrance of chamomile, you can benefit from the nerve relaxation that this tea can provide. Once those nerves are relaxed, the stress can begin to reduce.

Will Just One Cup Provide Benefits?

You can experience the benefits of anxiety reduction from chamomile tea with just one cup, but those effects are small and often very temporary. If you want to maximize the effects of what this beneficial tea can provide, then it needs to become part of your daily routine. If you have a cup of chamomile in the morning with breakfast and then another cup of tea in the evening with dinner, you’ll create a recipe for success to fight off panic.

Imagine being able to control your anxiety without having prescription medications that can cause a lot of difficult and often unpleasant side effects. Imagine being able to go out into public without being asked about the antidepressants that could be in your pack or purse right now? That’s what can happen if you regularly take chamomile tea and consult with your doctor about its benefits.

There are several types of chamomile available today, but seek out the Roman and German varieties of this tea to get the maximum effects from it. When you do, then your anxiety relief could be just a sip or two away.

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