Using Ibogaine for Depression

Are you looking for a natural alternative to the anti-depressants that your doctor is suggesting you should take? Ibogaine is a substance that naturally occurs in certain plants. Is a psychoactive substance that is actually banned in some countries because of its side effects. Some communities use Ibogaine, however, because it has been shown to be effective in psychedelic therapies that treat addictions to harmful substances.

Ibogaine has also gained a foothold in the treatment of PTSD and depression. Is it an effective treatment option? Or is it just another placebo that is being marketed to the world at large?

Are You Tired of a Life of Quiet Desperation?

What is interesting about the use of Ibogaine is that it allows some users to experience their memories from a different perspective. Instead of finding the negative in an experience, they are able to see the positive outcomes of something that has happened. In doing so, they are able to see past the emotional walls that have built up and placed stress on their mental health. By taking these walls down, it is entirely possible for the symptoms of depression to be treated.

But who wants to treat depression? Shouldn’t it be cured instead? It’s scary when you have depression affecting you every day. The things you love to do no longer seem like fun. The day becomes an effort to get through and all you want to do is go back to bed to see if tomorrow will be any better. What Ibogaine is able to do is help with the shift of a deeply rooted perspective.

Negative energy acts like an anchor on the mind. By shifting the perspective, energy can be released from this anchor and someone can go on to achieve great things once again with a different look. Ibogaine won’t cause this to happen unless someone wants to change. If they do want to change, then this substance can help.

How Does Ibogaine Work?

The idea behind an Ibogaine treatment is that the spiritual side of self needs to be explored just as the physical self needs to be healed. In small amounts, Ibogaine acts as a stimulant and will provide someone with more energy; much like caffeine would when an energy drink is consumed. In large amounts, it becomes a psychoactive compound that can create visions and introspection. These incidents last for up to 6 hours and the theory is that it can help people conquer their fears and the side effect of depression that anxiety and fear has caused.

It works because it affects different neurotransmitter systems in the brain at the same time. It also needs a low potency, which means high doses may cause neurotoxicity when used over time and may even cause degeneration.

It is a Schedule I controlled substance in the countries that regulate it, including the United States. It is unregulated in Norway, Canada, and Mexico. This means it could become addictive when not used correctly. For that reason, it is smart to take care to start slowly in the use of Ibogaine to treat depression and do so with close proximity to a doctor’s care.

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