Using Magnolia Bark for Anxiety

Over the past few thousand years, there have been many different treatments used for the feelings of anxiety. One of the most interesting is magnolia bark which has gained favor in recent years as a natural product which can help people reduce their tension levels and actually promote good sleep as well.

For those who are wary of taking prescribed medicines, magnolia bark may be an answer that works specifically for their needs.

What is Magnolia Bark?

The bark from the Magnolia oficinalis tree has been a part of traditional Chinese medicines for many centuries and was specifically used in the treatment of anxiety. This is probably because of a natural compound found in the bark of the tree known as “honokiol” which is the active ingredient that causes this calming effect.

The effects of consuming magnolia bark are also present in animals as well, which may be how the effects on anxiety were first discovered many centuries ago. Today, it is used for a wide variety of treatments outside anxiety which include digestive issues, inflammation, weight loss and even asthma. The bud of the magnolia is also used for a number of other treatments as well.

However, in terms of Western medicine, magnolia bark is still relatively unknown as it only has been recently introduced to mainstream science in the past few decades. Initial studies have shown that magnolia bark does indeed possess the qualities which can improve sleep, ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety as well. When used in combination with magnesium, the magnolia bark was highly effective with menopausal women who also suffered from symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Is Magnolia Bark the Answer to Anxiety?

The short answer is no as it is only temporary and will need to be taken over a long period of time. Research has not yet discovered whether the body builds a tolerance to magnolia bark which would render it useless after a period of time.

However, when combined with other treatment magnolia bark may be even more effective in reducing anxiety on a long-term basis such as Mediation, breathing exercises, removing caffeine from the diet, reducing the amount of “negative” input from the day, such as bad or depressing news and other factors that can help improve the overall mood of the person.

Plus, the side effects of magnolia bark are not well known nor how it intermixes with other drugs or medications. Even taking a natural product may have dire consequences when mixed with a prescription or over the counter drug. This means that extra care must be taken in order to not mix the magnolia bark with a product that might cause a serious reaction.

In addition, general exercise and eating better can help a person overcome mild symptoms of anxiety as well. For those who are suffering from anxiety and want a natural treatment, magnolia bark may be the answer. However, it is best to consult with your doctor first in order to fully diagnose the symptoms and recommended treatments that may or may not include magnolia bark.

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