Using Tenex for Anxiety

In addition to using natural products and physical methods for relieving the effects of anxiety on the body, there are also prescription medications that can be used effectively as well. However, many of these medications have unwanted side effects or are very expensive to purchase.

However, Tenex is a prescribed medication that offers fewer side effects and is relatively inexpensive compared to other types of medicines. Tenex is currently being prescribed to a growing number of people who suffer from prolonged anxiety because of its beneficial effects.

What is Tenex?

Also known as guanfacine, tenex is a drug that slows down the nerve impulses located in your heart and blood vessels. The effect is one that lowers blood pressure and improves overall circulation. Tenex is used to treat high blood pressure or hypertension and because of its mild effects is often complimented by other blood pressure medications.

It was during its treatment of hypertension that the effects on reducing anxiety were noticed. In addition, tenex is used in children who have displayed attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as well. The effectiveness of tenex is such that many people use it for anxiety relief.

How Tenex Reduces Anxiety

By lowering the blood pressure while increasing overall circulation, the effect of tenex is to relax the body and tamp down some of the effects created by anxiety. Those who take tenex as prescribed will often have the following positive effects:

– Lower Stress Levels
– Better Control of Emotions
– Improved Sleep

In studies, it was shown that tenex also produces some very mild side effects in a small number of people, but for the most part tenex offered reduced stress levels that helped patients sleep better. Even those who suffer from post traumatic stress syndrome have fewer nightmares while using tenex, although there is currently no evidence that it reduces stress levels overall.

The Risks of Tenex

Although relatively mild in nature, tenex is not for everyone. This is especially true if you are allergic to guanfacine as the reaction can be quite severe. In addition, those who suffer from coronary artery disease, kidney or liver disease and low blood pressure should not take this product as well. Basically, people who have heart conditions should stay away from tenex.

Another important factor is mixing tenex with other drugs or medications. Here, informing your doctor is paramount before taking tenex as an unwanted side effect from the mix can occur. This also includes any natural products that are being taken as well. For those who are on tenex, consult with your doctor before adding anything new or making major changes to your diet.

Overall, tenex offers an interesting indirect path towards relieving the effects of anxiety. While not for everyone, tenex does provide safe, powerful relief that calms the nerves and keep people more on an even keel when dealing with the day to day struggles of anxiety. Tenex has proven to be effective and remains a potent alternative for people looking for anxiety relief.

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