12 Ways Laughter Decreases Stress and Improves Health

Ways Laughter Decreases Stress


I’m simplifying this, but most everything in your body is a result of hormones and enzymes, and how they all interact with your genetics – your DNA.

When you’re positive – by smiling, laughing, giving praise, etc. – your body creates more “positive” hormones and enzymes. This naturally keeps you healthy and young.

In fact, that’s how ProVanax works – by naturally improving your “positive” hormones and reducing your negative “stress” hormones.

Of course, it’s not always easy to be positive and happy, especially if you’re having a bad day or you’re dealing with a stressful situation. But THIS is the time you’ll need to put in extra effort to purposely change your mood and seek out things that are positive.

For example, stop watching the news (which is usually negative) and watch something funny. Seinfeld was always one of my favorites, so is I Love Lucy.

There are hundreds of funny TV shows – watch THEM, instead of drama, action, or something that’s not “funny”. It’ll change your state of mind, you’ll smile, you’ll laugh and soon you’ll be happier and your body will create more “positive” hormones.

Exercise and the outdoors is also a great way to improve your endorphins.

And if you’ve been dealing with extra stress lately and need some additional help getting “happy and positive”, you can always try ProVanax … It works in minutes!

Remember – laughter is really the best medicine. Being happy and having a positive “attitude of gratitude” is the best cure for any ailment!

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