7 Foods that Relieve Anxious and Depressive Feelings

Your diet – what you eat, when, and how much – can definitely affect both how you look and FEEL!

The right foods, herbs, and vitamins can cause you to feel energized, confident, and happy and help you think clearly.


They can cause you to feel anxious, panic attacks, “moodiness”, decreased energy levels, and even cause depressive feelings.

Make sure you read the “Additional Suggestions” at the bottom of this infographic for 2 additional methods.


Additional Suggestions:

Make sure you drink lots of water.

Most people are dehydrated and that causes fatigue, nervousness, “brain fog” and increased feelings of sadness.

That’s why when something bad happens in life and a person gets stressed out and is panicking, someone will say “here, drink some water…” because water helps calm your nerves.

Make sure to take the right herbs and vitamins.

There are specific herbs that can quickly, easily, and safely improve your mood.

In fact, one of the best solutions and #1 rated all-natural remedies is called ProVanax.

It’s the one that I’ve used since 1999 to help me relax during times of stress. I especially use it before bed to help me relax and have a really deep and restful sleep.

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