Can Trees Really Reduce Your Stress?… New Study

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    Someone asked me the other day if trees can really reduce your stress? He brought this up due to some recent studies.

    Well, if you’re in a rush – the short answer is YES, trees can, in fact, reduce your stress.

    The truth is most things in nature can. Heck, even looking at pictures of nature can help reduce your stress.1 The pictures help your body relax, so just imagine how powerful REAL nature is.

    However, there’s a clinical study specific to trees.2,3

    What Do Clinical Studies Say..?

    The basics of the study are that researchers took 160 people and stressed them out. Then, using a Virtual Reality headset, had them view 6 minutes of videos showing cityscapes, as well as trees. The more trees they saw, the lower their stress levels.


    There are other studies4 showing that simply taking a stroll in the park or through woodland areas can have positive effects on people suffering from mood changes.

    Now, the question is – what causes these benefits?… How does it work in your body?…

    VIRTUAL Nature vs. REAL Nature

    Well, if you’re just VISUALLY looking at pictures – let’s say on your computer, magazines, or high tech methods like virtual reality headsets – then it’s a hormonal and chemical response, which is mainly being initiated in your brain. You’re less tense, breathing better, relaxing. All these help improve your dopamine, serotonin, and stress levels.

    And you can even do this or improve all of this by taking specific herbs, vitamins, and minerals – especially during times of extra stress – which I’ll let you know-how about in a minute.

    However, what’s better is if you do it in REAL nature because when doing it this way, there are physical benefits. Of course, the sun is one of the greatest healers and one that rarely people take advantage of. Due to stupid doctors and dermatologists, people are now deathly afraid of the sun and avoid it by being fully covered up and wearing harmful sunscreens.


    In addition to the sun’s benefits, the positive energy you get from living organisms such as trees, animals, and birds, improves YOUR energy levels. This positively affects your brain and all of this dramatically improves your hormones and chemicals.

    Much more so than just looking at even pictures, which is a great start.

    Again, when it comes to health, nature already has all the solutions and answers, NOT the pharmaceutical companies.

    So what does all this mean? Let me give you doable action items.

    3 Simple Solutions:

    1. Whenever possible, even if it’s just 5-10 minutes, get outside. Look around you and enjoy nature. STOP looking at your cell phone or multitasking or talking on your phone. Just enjoy your freedom and nature.

    Stroll2. If you can’t do this, then look at pictures of nature. Big trees, beautiful leaves, and so forth.

    Pictures3. And during times of extra stress due to life’s problems and challenges, or if your personality is more prone to worry, stress, and depression, then take natural herbs, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that are proven to help relax your body and improve your hormones and chemicals.


    Here’s a link to my favorite natural supplement that does all of this and more. Give it a try.

    But remember, nothing is going to be as powerful as nature. It’s free, so get out and appreciate it and have an attitude of gratitude.

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