Giving Love Is Good For Your Heart, Mind & Body

I write today’s post on Valentine’s Day. However, what I want to share can and SHOULD be applied to any and ALL days! It’s good for your heart, mind and body…

Day Of Giving Additional Love

Valentine’s Day is typically about giving additional love or recognition to that “special someone” in your life. However, I want to take it a step furthertoday is a day that you should give additional love to EVERYONE, including YOURSELF!

Someone “Special”?…

Now, if you have someone special in your life, make sure you let them know just HOW special they are to you.

WHY you appreciate them

And HOW they make your life better.

Be Specific

It can be about anything, but make sure it’s specific. The more detailed, the better.

Giving a general compliment is nice, but it’s a bit superficial, wouldn’t you agree?…

Express It – Verbally!

Gifts are nice as well. But I think expressing yourself, verbally and/or written format is ideal (card, text, email and of course, a handwritten letter!).

People don’t communicate with much depth these days. Please don’t just text a simple sentence, that’s lame. Put some thought into it and share something important that comes from your heart and it’s genuine.

Don’t Forget About YOU!

And if you don’t have someone special in your life, that’s fine too. Better than being in a bad relationship and having to “force” it and be fake, right?

Instead, make sure you also give extra love to yourself! Yes, I know it may sound or feel weird… but just do it. You deserve it!

Remember, you can’t give something you don’t have – this includes love.

And we all have love inside of us. Sometimes it just seems to be buried down deep, under all of life’s stresses and pains.

Love & Appreciate YOURSELF!

So, look in the mirror and let yourself know all that you appreciate about YOU. Maybe write yourself a “love” letter if you want to be really bold =)

Or, just keep it simple … But make sure you give yourself extra love, attention and appreciation today as well.

Don’t Forget Other People

Lastly, don’t forget “other” people — friends, family, parents, kids, pets, etc.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about giving love – not just if you’re in a relationship, but to YOURSELF and other people around you.

Now Go Do It!

Now, don’t just read this … go DO it.

And it’s never too late. If you’re reading this the day after, you can still give love today – even if it’s no longer Valentine’s Day

With sincere gratitude, appreciation and love…
Warmest Regards
Dr. Sam

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