8 Natural Herbs and Vitamins for Anxious Feelings

    Anxious feelings and stress can form for a number of reasons. It could be your basic bad day after a long afternoon at work. It could be from receiving financial news about investments that have unexpectedly fallen through. A little stress is easy for the human body to handle and it can readily adapt to a routine of light stress without really causing anyone any problems. When levels of stress or anxious feelings begin to rise, trouble can begin.

    Negative Effects of Stress

    There are many long-term health problems that can develop because of stress. It can drive your nervous system out of balance. Too much stress leads to burnout. Add in some anxious feelings with the stress and it is very easy for people to develop panic attacks, even when they’ve never add issues with them in the past.

    Many sufferers of stress search for adequate coping skills to manage the stress and anxieties of life. What if there was a way that you could naturally manage your stress and anxious feelings using all-natural ingredients to help keep your body healthy and balanced? It might not be possible to change the environment that surrounds you, but it is possible to change how your body works through these vitamins and herbs so that you can better adapt to changing situations that can cause lots of stress.

    Natural Treatment for Stress and Worry

    1. Chamomile.
    The most common way you’ll find this flower is in tea. It is known to support the health of a person’s nerves and it helps to soothe the body and provide better overall blood circulation. Although it can also help to increase mental awareness, in many people it helps them relax to the point that they end up falling asleep. When taken regularly, this natural herb to reduce stress will also help with the digestive process.

    2. Choline.
    If you eat a lot of eggs, shrimp, or scallops, then you’re likely consuming the levels of choline that you need. It’s one of the newest items on the must have nutrient list, having been tracked for less than 20 years. Many experts believe it works with the B vitamins and it helps the body by improving the communication from the brain throughout the nervous system. It also helps with the memory processors within the brain, and when consumed in proper amounts, it will effectively help you reduce stress and anxious feelings naturally.

    3. Fennel.
    The smell of licorice is what many people associate with fennel and it has been proven to help create a stronger digestive system. The seeds of this herb can also help people deal with emotional stresses that have happened because it helps to relax the body and stimulate the pleasure centers of the nervous system, creating feelings of joy to replace the negative feelings of stress.

    4. Feverfew.
    This plant is native to Eastern Europe and has long been used to help reduce fevers in people, hence its name. It grows throughout much of the world today and helps to provide muscle relaxation. With reduced muscle tension, it is a lot easier for people to relax from a stressful day. Generally taken proactively rather than after a stressful event, it is even used as a way to treat asthma and migraines today as well. The leaves of this plant can be eaten, while tablets, capsules, and liquid extracts are commonly found.

    5. Inositol.
    Found in many foods and plants, inositol isn’t really an herb or a vitamin, but it does mimic these qualities and can be taken as a supplement. It can even be made in a lab. It’s often used as a relaxant because it acts as a depressant on the nervous system. It is extremely effective in controlling diabetic nerve pain, but it also effectively treats people who suffer from generalized anxious feelings. It works because it helps to balance the chemicals in the body that can become out of sync with high levels of anxious feelings and stress. Just be careful about how you get this substance because if you take it with an energy drink, you’ll likely create more problems instead of solving some.

    6. Passionflower.
    This herb provides support to the nervous system by focusing on how the body reacts to relaxing stimuli. It has been known to be effective in calming restlessness for generations, but it doesn’t change a person’s mood in order to generate results. It assists with sleep and is so powerful that it is often used to help people who are trying to get off of a narcotics addiction.

    7. Schizandra.
    If you need immediate help with a very tense situation, then having some of this fruit on hand could be highly beneficial. It helps the body respond to stress immediately, which means it can also help people stay more productive throughout the day. It’s very bitter, but in return, people receive better circulation. In ancient homeopathic medicine, this fruit was called the herb that could do everything. Some believe it has anti-aging properties and that it can promote having beautiful skin and even increase sexual energies, but the effects on stress in the human body are well documented.

    8. Vitamin C.
    You might also know this vitamin as L-ascorbic acid. It helps the human body produce anti-stress hormones and is one of the essential vitamins for survival. Many take this vitamin to prevent illness or boost the immune system and it has helped to treat scurvy throughout time. It is thought to help with mental processes, assist in the digestive process, and even help with skin infections that might produce a boil. Just be careful about taking this vitamin in high doses, as it can also help to create kidney stones. It also raises blood sugar levels in diabetics, so any high amounts should be closely monitored.

    These natural remedies can help bring about fast and proactive relief from stress and anxious feelings. Consider adding them to your daily routine today so that the stresses and fears of tomorrow can be effectively ignored. What better way is there to cope with stress than create conditions within the body to resist it naturally?

    Herbal Remedies for Stress anxious

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