Amazing (and real) street art from “Chalk Guy”. Enjoy!…

I love nature and art. In a previous newsletter, I showed you some amazing pictures of nature. In today’s issue, I present to you – “Chalk Guy”.

Everything you see on this page was done on the street some where, a side-walk, a mall, anywhere “Chalk Guy” had an open space to work his magic with nothing buy his hands and simple coloring chalk.

Pay close attention to detail, size and the 3-D effects…

“Chalk Guy” is the man on the right….

Giant Butterfly – It really is a big one…


Fishing – This one you can really see the 3-D effects.

Frog & Lily Pads

Helicopter – Amazing detail of both the city & 5 guys…

Rafting – I love the 3D effects on this one.

Giant Garden – Amazing use of color & detail.

Shark Attack


“Chalk Guy” Reflection

There’s a lot more, but I’ll save the rest for another day. I hope you enjoyed it. Share it with a friend and put a smile on their face too 🙂 ….

With sincere appreciation & warmest regards,

Dr. Sam Robbins

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