How To Sleep Better – Does A Cold Room Really Help?

YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep

Video Summary

Does cold room help improve sleep?  If yes, why? What are the benefits? And, what’s the best temperature for better sleep?

The truth is – yes, it does. I’ll reveal the 5 main reasons why sleeping in a colder room is best and what the ideal temperature is.

5 Main Reasons

  1. Fall asleep faster
  2. You have deeper sleep.
  3. Improves parasympathetic nervous system – which is to “relax, rest & digest”.
  4. Improves neurotransmitters – increasing serotonin, which helps relax, and decreasing dopamine, which causes you to be more driven.
  5. Improves sleep hormones –  increasing the sleep hormone, melatonin, while also decreasing stress hormones, such as cortisol.

What’s the most ideal temperature?…

Studies show about 65F (18C). Or somewhere between 60-68 F (15-20 C).

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YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep