😴My EXACT “Deep Sleep” Formula I Use Every Night In 2024

YES! - Improve My Deep Sleep

NOTE: The below is a quick summary of today’s video. It’s not a transcript.

Most people, including myself in the past, underestimate the importance of deep, quality sleep.

You can have a horrible diet for years, never exercise or take any supplements and you’ll live a “normal” and long life.

BUT, try going without any sleep for just 2 days?… your body will literally break down.

Sleep 50% less just ONE night, and your hormones will plummet the next morning if you gave a blood test.

Thus, sleep is CRUCIAL for a healthy, fit, and long life. Your body heals and fixes everything while sleeping – body & brain.

So make sure you watch today’s video about my exact “deep sleep formula” I use every night to help me fall asleep faster & stay asleep longer.

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