[ 2023 ] 👩‍🦳 Grey Is Caused By Stress & How To Reverse It

"YES - Decrease MY Stress & Cortisol"

Video Summary

Stress can cause hair to gray prematurely by affecting the stem cells that are responsible for regenerating hair pigment.

What’s important to know is that your “fight or flightresponse, high adrenaline output, and chronic stress, basically kill off these stem cells, which then causes your hair to lose pigment, and thus, white or grey hair comes out instead.

This is a natural part of aging.

Unfortunately, stress, anger, worry… or anything that turns on your sympathetic nervous system into high gear, accelerates aging and in today’s topic, accelerates the greying of hair and also hair loss.

What’s The Solution?

You can’t change back the color of hair that’s been grey for many years.

But the research shows that you CAN, in fact, reverse the graying and even hair loss, for newly affected hairs.

The stem cells are still functional… so we have hope.

Thus, the sooner you act, the faster your results and improvement in hair color and density.

Simple And Effective Suggestions

  • Get outside first thing in the morning and get sunlight on your skin and to your eyes. This helps with the melanocytes, improving your circadian clock for better sleep at night and also reducing morning stress levels.
  • Take extra Vitamin D3 + K2.
  • Get better and deeper sleep. Easier said than done but here are some videos for “better sleep” details.
  • Exercise 3-5x weekly and no longer than an hour a day.
  • Take anti-stress and adrenal support vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
  • If you are dealing with extra worry, anxiety, and nervousness – take herbs to help support the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, so you’ll feel better, happier, and far less stressed.

These are proven and simple changes that’ll cause fast results and improvements in your stress levels, adrenal function, and mood.

You need to create better, daily habits of managing stress … not only for vanity reasons such as skin and hair, but also for overall health, fitness, and longevity.