Obesity Pros and Cons

It may be difficult to believe that being obese actually has advantages given all the medical research that is published about the dangers of being overweight. However, it must be stated that being a little overweight is better than being a little underweight, though obesity is really too much weight for the body to naturally handle.

Still, for those who are obese there are a few benefits that they will enjoy for a short time at least before the negative heath effects kick in.

The Pros of Obesity

First and foremost, you do not have to worry about becoming fat because you are already there. Although, to get even fatter will mean risking morbid obesity which can cause sudden death, a subject that you probably do not want to breach.

More Insulation:
Your body now has an extra layer of protection from the cold as well as having more to sweat off in the summer heat.

More Identifiable:
Being recognizably obese means that you are harder to kidnap as well as having someone use your stolen identity if they know you.

More Stores:
Today, there are more retail clothing stores dedicated to your size which means that your choices of clothing are probably better today than ever.

Unfortunately, none of these advantages mean much compared to the impact on your health. To get back down to a healthy weight should be your top priority.

The Cons of Obesity

Heart Disease:
Being obese means that your heart and circulatory system are under more pressure which creates greater vulnerabilities when it comes to suffering from heart attacks and strokes. Just the sheer pressure of carrying around the extra weight may lead to considerable damage to your circulatory system.

For those suffering from diabetes, being obese can lead to the loss of limbs, blindness and death. Losing the weight becomes imperative if you have contracted diabetes because the longer you remain overweight, the more damage that might occur. However, for those with Type 2 diabetes, losing all of the excess weight may mean not having to use insulin injections.

Obesity means more weight and pressure on the joints which in turn creates greater stress which makes it difficult enough to move around. When you add to that suffering from arthritis it can really add to the pain and suffering. For those who have arthritis, it can be very difficult to lose the excess weight which means more immobility and pain.

Whether it is politically correct or not, obese people are still judged by many as being lazy or unwilling to control their own diet. Studies have shown that obesity is a barrier to employment and advancement opportunities in the workplace, making it that much harder to get by.

Overall, being obese has too many health risks for it to be considered the best way to live. Again, while being a little overweight is fine and maybe even beneficial in certain regards, being obese is a condition that must be addressed if you want to live a long, healthy life.

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