Plastic Surgery Pros and Cons

Plastic surgery has been around for decades, although it has exploded in recent years thanks to the development of new techniques.

Today, it is quite common for someone to have one or more procedures performed to reverse the aging process or to “fix” something that they feel needs to be corrected. While the benefits of plastic surgery to someone who has suffered from an injury or disfiguring disease is certainly laudable and necessary, the question remains whether elective plastic surgery is really as necessary as some of its proponents make it out to be.

What Are the Pros of Plastic Surgery?

There are some benefits to having elective plastic surgery performed, especially when it comes to correcting what is perceived to be a flaw in the features.

There is little doubt that plastic surgery offers a considerable boost to the confidence level of those who now have had their flaws corrected or the natural aging process reversed. Greater confidence leads to better overall satisfaction with their lives.

There are certain types of plastic surgery that have beneficial effects, such as women who have breast reduction surgery which results in lessening, if not removing the pain they feel in their shoulders and back. Removing breast tissue in men can greatly reduce the chances of contracting breast cancer. Plus, improving the sinus cavities can help reduce the chances of infection.

Basically, when plastic surgery is used with the goal of improving the health of the patient it can have many powerful benefits.

What Are the Cons of Plastic Surgery?

However, despite the advantages that plastic surgery can bring, there are also some disadvantages as well which will need to be considered.

In many cases the results of the plastic surgery do not meet the expectations of the patient. This can lead to disappointment, a feeling that the money spent was wasted and worse, that more surgery is needed to make what they feel is the proper corrections. Unfortunately, too many people have unrealistic expectations of what plastic surgery can provide which makes it a trap that can be very expensive to escape.

Most forms of surgery are present a risk to the patient. With plastic surgery, this may mean complications that outweigh the benefits. Experiencing pain is one of the most common complications from surgery that may be very difficult to deal with over time. Another is opening the way to infection or other issues that may add complications to the health and wellbeing of the patient.

Elective plastic surgery is generally not covered by insurance and is expensive by nature. For those who can afford it, then it will not be much of an issue. However, for those who have to save up their money which could be used for other, arguably more pressing needs it represents a real dent in their overall wealth.

Overall, the benefits and risks of plastic surgery will have to be weighed carefully before any decision is made. When it comes to improving the health of a person such as reconstructive surgery after an accident, the price may certainly be well worth the investment. However, for elective plastic surgery greater consideration will be needed.

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