Pros and Cons of Alkaline Diet

    The theory behind the Alkaline Diet is pretty simple: by eliminating the acidity in the body, it becomes impossible for diseases to exist. It also is designed to help you lose wheat by avoiding foods that promote acid production within the body. It has taken off thanks to its acceptance by Hollywood and popular celebrities, but does it work? Here is a look at the pros and cons of this diet.

    Does It Really Prevent Disease?

    Let’s be clear: nothing really changes the acidity levels of your bloodstream. What the Alkaline Diet does is promote lower acidity in the digestive tract. Over time, while consuming this diet on a regular basis, can prevent issues that are caused in the body because of too much acid. Kidney stones can be prevented, muscles and bones stay stronger, and heart function improves. A low acid diet may even reduce lower back pain.

    Is It Difficult to Follow?

    For people who have some specific food allergies, the Alkaline Diet is not a good idea. Dairy, meat, eggs, processed foods, and most grains are not allowed. It’s mostly nuts, seeds, and legumes with fruits and vegetables that can be eaten. Because protein comes from the soybeans and other legumes, those who have a legume allergy could become deficient nutritionally. Those with nut allergies will have a difficult time in getting the fats the body needs for a healthy metabolism as well.

    There Is Lots of Water on This Diet

    Most people are constantly dehydrated and don’t even realize it. By the time you feel thirsty, you’ve already crossed into the threshold of not having enough water. With the Alkaline Diet, you will give your body plenty of water throughout the day and this will tend to give you more energy than you’re used to having. When combined with an elimination of alcohol and caffeine, both which dehydrate the body, hydration levels can be maximized.

    The Research Is Very Limited

    There are some who believe that this diet is not necessary at all. Although there isn’t evidence of this diet being good or bad, the foods that are eaten as part of the diet are well known to be helpful. By cutting back on sugar, reducing your salt intake, and eating healthier fruits and veggies, you’ll be able to shed weight fast. The key benefits simply help to regulate the body just as any other healthy diet that eliminates processed items and high levels of sugar and salt would.

    It Can Be Confusing

    Some foods that are very acidic on this diet are listed as alkaline because of how they are metabolized. The same is true in reverse and so people who think they’re following the diet may not be at all. Other healthy food options, like walnuts, tea, or even pomegranates are listed as acidic and so don’t fit in with the Alkaline Diet unless they are rationed. When people get confused, they tend to abandon a diet, and that might create rebound weight as an end result.

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