Slim Fast Diet Pros and Cons

Slim Fast has been a diet plan that has been around for more than a generation and many claim to have lost weight while using it. By incorporating snacks, meal bars, and shakes into your daily routine, it becomes a fairly simple method of weight reduction when followed properly. Is it right for you? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Slim Fast diet today.

Pros: It is Convenient

The Slim Fast diet is extremely convenient. You just grab what you need to eat or drink, open it up, and you satisfy a craving. You can take it with you on your commute to work, keep it with you at your cubicle, and stock up at home so you don’t have a bad eating day after a long day at work.

Pros: It Is Easy to Use

There’s no counting calories or guessing food content ratios with the Slim Fast diet. You just purchase the products that you want to consume and then add them to your daily eating routines. There’s no guessing if a new food fits into the plan either. You just use Slim Fast products and eat reasonable meals at appropriate times. That’s why it so easy.

Cons: You Eat the Same Thing

In the old days of Slim Fast, it was really hard to stay on the diet plan because you drank the same shake twice per day, every day, over the course of the diet. Over time, Slim Fast has developed some new flavors and products that allow for some variation, but ultimately it comes down to the same snacks and the same shakes every day.

Pros: There Are No Food Restrictions

The Slim Fast diet is all about caloric restriction. You’re allowed a 500 calorie meal every day, which means you can always have your favorite foods around. This is the only real restriction that there is on the diet, so make sure to have very filling foods in your home so that you can make the most out of this meal. You will likely want to stay away from foods that have a high sodium content, however, to maximize the benefits of this diet.

Cons: The Food Is a Turnoff

The shakes and meal bars aren’t always the best-tasting foods that you’ll ever find. For diet products, they taste reasonably good, but a meal bar that is packed with protein has no comparison to an actual steak. Because the repetitive nature of the diet can quickly begin to turn people off, the diet might be abandoned prematurely and fitness goals might not be achieved.

Pros: You’ll Get the Nutrients You Need

The Slim Fast diet is a nutritionally balanced diet that will give you all of the vitamins and minerals that you need all the time. You won’t have to take any supplements with this diet and the protein content of a snack bar or shake can make you feel full for up to 4 hours, which quells spontaneous snacking quite effectively.

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