Using Lipotropic B12 Injections for Weight Loss

There is no doubt that taking the required amount of vitamins each day will help the body function properly. However, there has been a recent movement in terms of Vitamin B12 in that supposedly helps the body lose excess fat. Today, there are a growing number of people who are now taking B12 injections to help the body burn away the excess fat.

There is no doubt that a connection exists between B12 and the use of excess fat in the body, but does taking injections of lipotropic B12 really result in weight loss? Moreover, if it does work is it worth the effort and financial commitment to lose excess fat in this fashion.

How Lipotropic B12 Works to Control Weight

B12 is a very important vitamin that is part of the healthy functioning of the body. Its particular role is to help with the proper metabolism of the cells, the formation of blood and bolstering the central nervous system. For those who have difficulty absorbing B12 through normal sources, adding them into the diet through supplements is a common way to ensure they get what they need.

However, when adding lipotropic elements to the B12 it helps to shift the emphasis more towards the burning of the fat cells. Basically, the lipotropic compounds are three amino acids that are geared towards helping the body shed the excess fat. While taking them orally is effective, direct injections means it bypasses the digestive system and will have a greater impact overall.

What Happens when Not Enough B12 is Present in the Body

Essentially, when the body does not have enough sources of B12, it can compromise the replication of DNA and RNA. When these elements are compromised, that may lead to a greater chance that cancer cells are formed. In addition, not having enough B12 will lead to a concentration of homocysteine in the body which is an amino acid that may lead to more heart attacks and strokes to occur.

In addition, a lack of B12 means that blood does not carry all the oxygen it should to the organs and tissues in the by which means a general lack of energy and feelings of being sluggish. This is especially true for those over 60 who often have trouble absorbing enough B12 from their food to feel energetic. Now, when combined with lipotropic amino acids the effect is such that the body tends to burn away more fat.

Does Lipotropic B12 Really Work?

It is a difficult question to answer because the effect of having B12 in the body is one that provides more natural energy. With more energy, the greater the ability to exercise and be more mobile which in turn adds to the weight loss. Adding in the proper amino acids with a direct injection is an obvious attempt to jump starts the body to help it burn away more fat.

However, studies by the Mayo Clinic have not shown that this particular effort really works. In fact, it appears that taking B12 orally or through injections offers the same results. For those who are interested in shedding the extra pounds, having enough B12 and amino acids in the body is important for maximum efficiency. But there is no solid evidence to show that it actually burns away the fat on its own.

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