8 Easy Ways for Losing Weight

When I was younger and I wanted to lose weight, I made it really complicated… I was trying to do too much, too soon and at the end, I would always burn out and QUIT… and I’d never achieve my weight loss goals.

What I like about the below info-graphic is that it keeps things simple and sticks to the basics.

It’s All About The Hormones

Weight loss and fat reduction is really all about a change in your hormones… This is why it gets harder to lose fat as we get older – hormones!

The goal is to maximize your fat-burning hormones, to avoid your body from adapting too quickly to any kinda of “diet”.

This way, you can continue losing fat continually without plateaus, week after week, month after month… Until you finally achieve your weight loss goal.

So take a quick look at the following info-graphic and make sure you read my quick summary below:

Tips to Healthy Weight

Summary & Important Points:

Here are some important notes I want you to pay extra attention to:


You can’t rely only on your diet to lose fat, you also need to exercise daily to boost your metabolism. Ideally it would be weights + cardio… But doing ANY kind of movement daily is great (dancing, washing the car, walking, etc.). Be a kid and runaround all day =)


Yeah, it’s true… Most people eat the most while watching TV (especially junk food). Be mindful of this and watch less TV if you can’t control your eating.

Or take something to reduce your appetite.


It’s so easy to drink 100 calories (soda, juice, alcohol, etc.) than it is to EAT it. So drink water and eat the calories, don’t drink it.


Losing fat, especially after the age of 30 is much harder and it takes time, so don’t give up.

Set a goal – both short and long-term… Then, put in the effort daily and eventually you’ll reach your goal.

Of course, there are ways of accelerating your fat loss and there’s a free video about it if you’re interested…

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