Discover The Best Ways To Lose Fat… & KEEP IT OFF! (Part 5)

As I described in an earlier article, it is BEST and most “ideal” to eat all food groups – Protein, Carbohydrates & Health Fats – and not runaway from carbs and fats, as they are VERY important for your health AND long-term weight loss!

And if you recall, I also said it’s best to eat proteins with carbs and proteins with fats – BUT NOT have high carbs + fats in one meal (example: pizza, ice cream, chips, etc.).

Basically, carbs (sugars) + fats = FAST WEIGHT GAIN! With that said, let’s move on to ..

Rule #5: Best TIME To Eat MORE & Still Lose Weight!

You MUST try your best to eat your protein/carbohydrate meals during the first half of the day and your protein/fat meals during the second half of the day.

This again has to do with managing your insulin and cortisol levels. But also, keep in mind that carbs are used for quick and instant energy.

When you have carbs during the early part of the day, you can utilize the calories for the rest of the day, since you will be active. But when eating carbs late at night and going to bed afterwards, the carb calories will get stored mostly as fat.

There is an exception to the rule in that immediately after exercising, it’s a good idea to have a protein/carb meal without any fat. I know many people exercise after they leave work, later in the day … so having some carbs after your workout along with protein, will be beneficial and help speed up recovery because it will fill up glycogen and liver stores and get your muscles ready for the next workout.

But just don’t over do the carbs!

Additionally, I’d like to add one very important note to all this. Most people think it’s bad eating late in the day, at nights or before bed. So, what they try and do is stop eating many hours before sleep and then will “hopefully” have breakfast.

But the problem with this is that (A), this theory is WRONG and (B), because you won’t be eating for many hours (before bed and during sleep … around 10-12 hours or more without any food), your body will slow down, reduce thermogenics (body heat and fat burning) and you’ll go in a semi-hibernation state.

What Does All This Mean To You?

For about half the day (the 10-12 hours you don’t eat), your body is slow and hence, NOT burning fat, but actually figuring out ways to HOLD ON TO FAT (by increasing cortisol for example) because it thinks “oh no, he doesn’t know when the next meal will come and we better slow things down, so we don’t burn up all this fat or he might die from STARVATION!”

Does this make sense? It’s basically how things worked and still do, because of the “cave-man” days.

[message type=”simple”]NOTE: For people who tend to have a bad habit of “skipping meals” like breakfast and hence, going more then 3-4 hours WITHOUT food (which slows down the metabolism), I urge you to try Lean Optimizer®. It will naturally and safely INCREASE your metabolism and best of all, burn specifically STUBBORN fat areas – such as waist, “love handles”, hips, lower body, etc.

Be A BABY & Eat ALL Day Long!

Forget the fact that babies are chubby and fat. That’s simply because of their hormones. But in reality, our bodies are made to eat all day long. The more OFTEN you eat, the faster your metabolism becomes because every time you DO eat, your body has to turn “ON” again and digest food and hence, burn calories.

BUT, the secret is not to eat junk before going to bed. Eat 5-8 times a day, but mainly just  “mini-meals”. Of course before bed, make sure you stay AWAY from the carbs – BUT STILL EAT something (even if it’s just 100 calories of food!).

Here are some good “late night snacks” for your to consider.

Acceptable “Late Night Snacks”:
(1 hour before bed)
  • Low-fat yogurt (NOT non-fat and with NO fruit)
  • Low-fat cottage cheese (NOT non-fat and with NO fruit)
  • Small protein shake with flaxseed oil or almonds.
  • 1 or 2 hard boiled eggs (no more than 2-3x a week)
  • Salad with some egg whites and lots of vegetables (little bit of extra virgin olive oil for dressing).

Basically, very little carbs, some protein and fat. Keep the calories less than 200, so it slightly fills you up, but not bloat you and make it hard to sleep (even eating 50 calories is helpful in keeping your metabolism up and active).

What If You Are Going To Eat Out & It’s Late At Night?

If you end up going out with friends and having a late night dinner or end up cheating for whatever reason, then take 3-4 capsules of CHEATmeals before or with the meal to block the carbs and fats from being absorbed, thus preventing weight gain.

CHEATmeals was developed not so you can “cheat” on all your meals and pig out all the time, but just SOME of the time, when you can’t control it (a party, business, traveling, etc.). It’s too strong to use all the time.

Don’t Cut Calories, & STILL Lose Weight!

You see, with the above rule (and previous ones), you don’t even have to reduce calories to lose weight because by simply changing your eating HABITS, you will immediately condition your body to BURN FAT without losing valuable muscle!

By also utilizing a powerful “Multi-Mode” fat burner like Lean Optimizer®, combined with a carb and fat blocker like CHEATmeals™ – You will FURTHER accelerate fat loss, WITHOUT having to decrease calories, starve yourself or spend hours in the gym. You can enjoy life and your new body!

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