🍽️ Skip THIS One Meal & Lose More Weight (2024)

Burn Fat & Increase Metabolism

Video Summary

The biggest reason you’ll end up losing weight by skipping breakfast is simply that you’ll end up eating fewer total calories.

However, this can be said about skipping any meal.

Ideally, skipping dinner would be a better option than skipping breakfast because calories later in the day, especially carbohydrates, don’t get absorbed or utilized as well.

However, socially speaking – it’s harder to skip dinner. So, skipping breakfast would be EASIER, even though it’s not better.

And doing something easier always wins out because it’s sustainable long-term and that’s what counts when it comes to results.

If you wake up hungry you can take natural herbs that suppress your appetite, and boost your metabolism and energy levels.

Wake up, drink a big glass of lemon water, and take an herbal appetite suppressant and metabolic booster and you’ll feel great, won’t be hungry, you’ll have more energy and you’ll more easily lose weight and burn belly fat.

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