🍽️ These Top 5 Weight Loss Myths Are Making You Fat In (2024)

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Most people would like to lose weight. And many people NEED to, for simple health reasons.

And there are also many people who may not need to or want to lose weight, but they would love to lose just some fat – especially that stubborn belly fat and have super lean 6-pack abs.

Unfortunately, the topic of weight loss is filled with so much misinformation or fad diets, that most people either never achieve their weight loss goals or simply can’t even maintain them.

Thus, they go from one diet to the next. They gain and lose the same weight over and over again and in the process, just end up losing muscle and gaining more fat, while screwing up their metabolisms and hormones.

help-scale weight loss myths

The end result is frustration, hopelessness, and the feeling of failure.

So today, I’m going to keep it super simple and short and reveal the top 5 biggest weight loss myths. There are many others, but I feel these tend to be repeated over and over again.

Plus, I’ll give you links to more detailed articles about each of today’s myths, so you can get specifics and the dos and don’ts.

#1 – All Calories Are Equal

This means that people think at the end of the day, it’s just about how many calories you take in. It doesn’t matter if it’s protein, fat, or carbs … or even what TYPE of protein, fat, or carbs.

No, all calories are not the same and each produces different metabolic and hormonal changes in your body, resulting in different body composition.


  • Faster or slower metabolism
  • Building or losing muscle
  • Different fat distribution (more or less belly fat or visceral fat)

And so forth.

#2 – Carbs Make You Fat

These days, being on a ketogenic, NO-carb diet is a hot topic again. A diet that I first did in 1994.

Again, another fad and extreme diet stating how carbohydrates are the devil and they cause you to get fat because of high blood sugar and thus, higher insulin levels – the “fat storage” hormone.


Trust me, there are LOTS of people on no-carb, high-fat ketogenic diets who are fat and in fact, getting even fatter with that type of diet.

You need carbohydrates, especially if you exercise and I think EVERYONE should be moving more and exercising daily.

I don’t know a single, healthy, and happy person who has been on a no-carb diet for months and years on end.

NOT A SINGLE PERSON and I’ve been doing this for over 3 DECADES.

As with everything, the wrong carbs and quantity will make you fat. As will eating the wrong types of fats make you fat.

There are good and bad carbs, just as there are good and bad fats and proteins as well.

It’s all about making the right choices, based on the correct knowledge.

Please stop with the extreme diets – they NEVER work long-term and will only cause you more metabolic damage.

#3 – Eat Less & Move More

Another simplistic view is that you simply need to eat fewer calories and/or move more to burn excess calories. This simplistic diet strategy, like all diets, works initially – but then, your body quickly adapts and there are negative metabolic and hormonal changes because your body wants you to STOP losing weight.


I think this is a good start, but WHAT you eat, HOW much, the correct ratios, and so forth, ALL affect your hormones, your energy levels, appetite, and so forth – which matters the most.

#4 – Losing Weight Is About Willpower

This one is really lame because willpower will only go so far, with anything and everything in life.

You need to select the right type of diet and food, based on YOUR goals, genetics, lifestyle, likes, and dislikes.

As a simple example – I think fish, especially salmon is a great source of protein and healthy fats – both being essential to fat loss.

But if you hate fish and can’t stand it in any way, shape, or form – I’m not going to yell at you and say “You have no willpower” and force you to eat it, daily.


Healthy, long-term weight loss should NEVER be about willpower or how much you suffer, or what you can tolerate. This doesn’t work with relationships, with making money, and it won’t work with your body.

#5 – Supplements Don’t Work

I’ve been taking supplements for years and years. In fact, the older I get, the more I take.

I remember how in the old days, so many people, especially physicians, would call them “expensive urine”.

And you know what, MOST supplements and products are a waste of time and money.


I would say that 95% of supplements contain junk ingredients, making false claims.

However, the right form, dose, and extract – can be EXTREMELY effective for:

  • fat loss
  • increasing your metabolism
  • decreasing your appetite
  • boosting your energy levels
  • and most importantly, improving your fat-burning hormones

You just have to make sure they are clinically validated ingredients and have a long, proven history of both effectiveness and safety.

And below, I’ve listed the best fat-burning ingredients and formulas. One with almost 2 decades of research.

Plus, you’ll discover how to turn on your fat-burning genes and why most diets and exercise plans don’t work.


There are lots of weight loss myths, but these are some of the 5 biggest ones I wanted to discuss today.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to genetics and hormones. THAT’S IT!

Anyone who argues this point is either ignorant or just an idiot.

And as I’ve stated before, you may not be able to change your genetics, but your lifestyle and mindset can definitely alter your hormones, which can trigger genes to go on or off, and express the good or bad ones.

Which is also called epigenetics.

Trust me when I tell you that ALL of my clients get amazing results because of this one key factor – I work with their genetics and improve their hormones with diet, exercise, stress management, and supplements, that’s it!

A simple idea, yet a complex strategy to execute.

And with that said, I’ve got a few important links about more details about today’s top 5 myths:

Plus, don’t forget to read the article about how you can turn on your fat-burning genes and why most diets and exercise plans don’t work.

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